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A Journey a Day

Posted in moments in life by littletiara on January 30, 2009

sunflower5rv So, can anyone explain to me how can a song repeats in one’s head over and over and over again all day (or more) long? Because I can’t take Secondhand Serenade’s Fall for You off of my head since two days ago, seriously, even myself is already bored with this song, but I just kept sing it, or only hum it, or mumble, whatever, the song is still in my brain right now. LOL, this topic isn’t even interesting, duh. Let’s just change the thing we talk about.

I went on a journey yesterday. Accompanied with a borrowed Lomo (thanks dear tse who had been kindly lent her dearest Diana+ to me), a chocolate cupcake on my bag, and a French roman ‘Trois hours chez ma mere’ I went adventuring alone, I planned to go with a friend but ended up doing it all alone. So solitude adventure isn’t all that bad, yes it’s bad when you’re lost but thanks God I didn’t yesterday. ;)

But I’m pretty sure I look 4 or 5 years younger than my real age (which will turn twenty soon, hooray!) that people think I am a lost little girl, (yes I’ve been through a lot of this kind of occasion where people think that I am 15 or something and lost without my dear parents, and yesterday at the end, a security guard came and asked me if I needed any help, ah! And how do you think I should react?

I went back home by public bus, which was crowded like hell, and I got all my eye liner smudged under my eyes because of the perspiration (I think, or because of whatever it was), and no seat left there, which wasn’t a big problem for me, but then out of the blue one guy stood and gave his seat voluntarily to me, I was like “for me?”-ing unbelievably, he might have fallen for me but I thought that was quite impossible since I used a pretty huge geek glasses yesterday (incognito! Seriously, I am not even pretty without that glasses, and with? I’m way more rocking than just that Ugly Betty you saw on TV!), or that guy is just simply kind, but why then he didn’t gave his seat to anyone else earlier? There were loads of other (more beautiful) girls standing there.

I still couldn’t make out the motive until I got home and entered my room, and finally I got the answer, you know what? The smudged black eyeliner plus my apparently quite fair skin face made me look even more tired and pale than anyone I’ve seen except in horror movies (I really didn’t realize it until I saw it on the mirror once I got home).

So the lesson is, next time you took a bus, applied more eyeliner under your eyes, smudge it, and don’t forget to add white powder to your face (if your skin isn’t already fair enough). Ta-daa, you get a seat! LOL!

It was a fun trip, though! You should try it yourself later, with public transportation please, no motorcycle or car. It’ll more or less ruin the fun ;)


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