Little Tiara

iLove (part ii)

Posted in words of the brain by littletiara on February 5, 2009


Watching “Nanny 911” scares me somehow, and I can’t help but cringe whenever I see how brutal children can be, but that’s not the important part. One day I watched it with my dad and I commented about how a kid can be a scary little monster, and my dad simply said, “You know, you were even more than just those kids (on TV) when you were at their age”.


I’ve heard stories about myself when I was a (really) little girl. Me and my cousin used to play with snakes (and please don’t ask me how could I be that crazy), me and my cousin’s first crime was to cause our maid (or was it babysitter?) cried! (For real, this one story is so famous but none of us –the criminals remember any part of it, such a shame), I loved to separate too far from them and hide under whatever thing I saw when we went to the mall, I loved candies too much that I got toothache very often, I loved to climb high things I saw, did dangerous things and… you know, I can go on forever if I really have to write all my crimes.

I don’t know how my parents can bear that freaking annoying little me, it’s even harder to imagine how someone so annoying like me can have kids in the future, how should and would I react to their every actions? If I can time travel, I don’t even know what to do to ‘tame’ my young self. I really need to learn a LOT from my parents.

They may not be the best parents out there, they spoil me too much, they give me almost every single thing I want while I don’t actually need it. I know that’s not a really nice thing to do but heck, that’s fun. I know there may be some things they forget to teach me about, that maybe they’ve done some mistakes while I’m growing up watching them, they don’t have strict rules the Nannies give every week, nor having a reward thing whenever I do something right, I don’t remember them saying “Great Job!” or “Smart girl!” if I do something oh-so-great (and I thank God they don’t, though. :P it seems quite [o.0;] eww… for me, haha…). Life doesn’t always go your way, right? Not even if you’re Nanny or super Nanny, that’s how life works.

Mine is quite perfect already with my little parents that I love very very very much.


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