Little Tiara

iconization (again)

Posted in creaking creativity by littletiara on February 6, 2009

Let’s just say that I have nothing else to do (anymore), I’ve finished cooking the calamari ring and it’s actually a success ;) and I’m in no mood of reading neither the infamous ‘Le Jardinière blah-blah’ nor ‘trois jours chez ma mere’, so I ended up… yeah, photoshopping again. I started with happy colors and pictures but then… I don’t know, lol. I just have more gloomy pic I think…

3317147341qn3 sunflower5rv_edited-1 tomboy_edited-2 1165243768gr0d9267uu0ev4_edited-2 stock226my4k 23371289akn3_edited-1 23371289akn3 l_edited-1 l x1azk4 stock01qijj8_edited-1 stock01qijj8 x8zjm3_edited-2 x8zjm3_edited-1 34pl1 27cd1_edited-1 27cd1 10 (2) 0k32 stock13fc8 beach1oy

personally, I love the second from the last icon, that flower thing. I love the color and I don’t even remember how I did that, duh. Love the balloon thing too, and converse versus sky, too. Basically, I just love them, lol.

and last but not least… (I’m going to have this section every time I post from now on.)

Picture of the day:

I took the picture when I went with my family to Prambanan temple,

I love the greenery, the solitude, the… picture, lmfao!

the message:

What do you think? Of course it’s “Let’s keep our environment green baby!”

I don’t want my child and grandchild to not know about how beautiful the color of green is, global warming isn’t a joke.

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