Little Tiara

Princess time

Posted in moments in life by littletiara on February 26, 2009

Me and my friends were hanging out and found this little tiaras, so we decided to bought one per person, and then of course we have to take a picture with it, right? So well, I just want to share our little princesses crazy time since I have no idea of what I want to post about. Man, we love little tiaras and dresses and balloons and of course tights, oh, opaque. (I got this uploaded on my fb too, though. So if you’re my facebook friend, you’ve probably seen it…)


umm… Aline was jumping while the rest are doing… nothing important.


So me and Nanette were fighting over a balloon.


now it’s sunglasses time!


and tights time!


this one? Balloons time!


and glasses time again?


I’m the princess of fish face, no one can beat me!


is it finally sweet?


just had some fun with balloons…again…


and again…


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