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Here I come again talking about Kebaya, it’s a Javanese traditional cloth, and why do I want to write about it here? Because I want to use it on my wedding! ;)

There’s one famous Kebaya designer here in Indonesia, Anne Avantie, her designs are glamorous and classic at the very same time, a lot of Indonesian and Malaysian actresses using her designed Kebaya on their weddings, and here I am hoping that one day I can do the same.

Here are some pics of her design:

Kukinobi-01 6788881-lg2459928267_91e22cc211_o 2459156616_69da36e9e4_o472248396_920040d38e_o 472167917_49fb6a8da9_o

credits: I got these pics from
here, here, and here

My favorite is the second pic, just in case you don’t know (or didn’t read my first post in this blog), I always wants to use a red Kebaya for my wedding, so that should be why. Okay, maybe it’s also the photographers, whatever. LOL. I’d find a good photographer for my wedding shoot ;p

And moving on! I found this fun questions from Dionne, and I’m hoping that you’d post it too in your blog so I, and all your friends can know more about you ;)

1. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My mom opened my door, I’m a light sleeper, I think.
Except for sometimes that I’m not.

2. What scares you, and how often do you think about it?

I don’t really think about ‘them’ a lot, as a proof, I can’t name it right now. I believe I have a lot, though.

edit: I’m afraid of my next Monday presentation, oh mon Dieu!

3. How important is making a home to you? For example, do you like a home to meditate in, cook good food in, or have people over?

Oh, I love homes! Although sometimes what I do inside is only sleeping and eating (I’m a quite mobile girl?), a home should really be a place where your heart is, where I can do all my favorite things.

4. Where in the world would you like to travel next?

I’m hoping for Thailand, still saving some money for it, though. And when the business I’m doing right now being succeeded, I’d love to have an Eurasian travel ;) *Oh big dream!

5. What is one of your fondest childhood memories?

Me and my cousin being really naughty and made our maid cried, we played with snakes, me adoring lions. Man, I was quite insane I think.

6. How do you like to spend your weekends?

I’d love to hang out with my friends (cz I’m single), but somehow I ended up doing my homework instead, huff, now it’s boring.

I got an award few weeks ago from Anya, I’m not forget about it, really! I just need more time to make up my mind and write about it, school is planning to kill me and I have to do my escape right now, lol.



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So it’s been quite a while since the last time I posted something, ah! It always feels so good blogging ;). I was around during my rest, though. Just didn’t know what to write here, or rather, too many things to write that I couldn’t decide which one to post first, lol. Now I’ve made up my mind :D

Today is awfully hot, and his car air-con didn’t work properly that I got my make up all smudged by sweats and he got his face redden, ah, I thought it was not a very good day to go out.

Except that it was wrong.

We went to a shop that sell any kind of material, I wanted to buy something to make a simple bag, and once we got there, we couldn’t help doing some crazy stuffs. Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me :( *we were all red like a boiled crap crab, though, so it’s not really a matter.

We looked for some necklaces after that, bargained and such and at the very end I only get a red ‘hand band’ (since it’s not really a bracelet…), it’s nice.

Ah, nice day I had ;) hope you all had yours the same way or better :)


And I changed my layout, I don’t know. I love to do it, maybe I have a problem with my personality, a friend of mine said that it has to go along with my identity or something like that, hmm…

I even think to change it again, now, already.


you, me and the rhyme

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And I want the whole world to know
That I’m not gonna let him go
Neither would he ever let me do so

When it started awkwardly
There’s something I felt like funny
From the way he stared at me
I knew we’re just meant to be

This friendship is not just a thing
This is something that taken me away from crying
This is something that keeps me smiling
Definitely, this is not just a thing

And when it’s my time to marry
He’ll come to my party and congratulate me
And he’ll smile ever so widely
Because he knows that everyone’s happy

And when it’s finally his wedding
I promise, I’m not gonna go there crying
I know it’ll be hard but at least I’m trying
And the thing I see everyone is smiling

He’s my best friend
And I don’t want this friendship to ever end
But if I really have to be greedy
Then I’ll wish for him to forever stay with me

A white wedding will be enough
I’m not going to ask him too much
Because only to have him with me
Had already made me as happy as I can ever be

And when we grow old
I’ll do thing as he told
And when I show him what I got
He’ll reply me with a smile and a nod

And then when we start to remember
That we used to be silly dreamer
We’d fill the room with laughter
Just to ensure, that we’ll live happily ever after


There are a lot of grammar confusion, I know. I know but I don’t really care. :P

picture of the post:

Yep! My converse shoes!

I rule the day :P

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So I’m practically, officially, twenty years old today, march the 16th. Which means…


This is my super twentieth birthday today and I rule the day, I have only one rule:


Mind me, it’s the first day for me being no longer a TEENager, haha, and it feels, quite… the same actually, except for maybe my way of thinking.

Knowing myself is already twenty, I feel… kind of, nervous actually. And it makes no sense at all, frankly, lol. I just feel it because I want to feel it.

I went to my ex-classmate’s wedding yesterday. She’s probably a year or two older than me, but hey! That’s not a huge difference, no? And while she’s already married, I’m still here waiting/searching for my prince charming to come.

Do I really have one?

HEY! I’ve declared to myself that I rule the world today when there’s no sadness allowed so I shouldn’t think of something that most probably going to make me unhappy, I can think about it anytime BUT today, lol. I’ll put myself on my top priority today. Nothing else matters other than myself, oh I just need to be selfish once.

I’ve been thinking about asking my crush to go out for a walk but, I’m not sure if he’ll say ‘ok’, I’m not even sure if he knows that today is my birthday, but who the hell cares about it? I can just tell him, I just don’t want his refusal to ruin my happiness, so should I ask him or not? Hmm… maybe later. I’d stay away, as far as possible from whatever thing makes me unhappy, right?

I’ll give myself a present of super pleasure, I can just go out shopping as much as I want my money to be spent, or just simply hanging out with my friends and treat them just because I can and I want. I’ve been saving and working hard lately, so I think I deserve more than just some fun. I deserve all the fun exist in this whole wide world! Same goes to my friends, including YOU, readers!

So, Happy birthday to me, hope that all my dreams come true. And more happiness and luck shall come closer, never to go away. And last but not least, Please come quickly, dear Prince charming ;D.



And thank you for all who kindly left me a comment or two ;). Your words are precious, really thank you!


him and me

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So while I’m waiting for my 20th birthday on march the 16th, which, in other word, tomorrow, I’ll just share you one story of my best friend’s birthday. And frankly speaking, I’ve been in love with him since I don’t even know when, We were good friends and somewhere along the road, I fell for him.

It was normal falling for him, though. He was cold and warm at the very same time, he’s silly but smart, and on top of all, he’s handsome (well, at the very least, for me).

He was my classmate and we’ve been friends for about… umm… almost five years, I’ve seen his black and white and yet, I still have no clue about who he really is. Yes, I have this complicated feeling about him.

We were friends since high school, and once we were graduated we took different paths, but still keep in good touch. We used to hang out a lot when we were in our first semester of Uni, it was like… almost once per week. But as days go by, it became less and less frequent. He has his business and I got mine.

Not every fairytales come to its expected happy ending, actually. And if this is one series of my fairytale, then it ends with us remain good friends, nothing more and actually I don’t really wish to be more than just friends (Okay, sometimes I do), because most of the time, I think it’s better this way.

Paint, My love.

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Sometimes, classes can be very boring. Generally, they are boring, but in some cases, they’re seriously boring, freaking boring, and whatever boring. Boring class isn’t all that bad, actually, I figured this out last week.

I’ve had a super boring morning class last week, at 7AM, yes, it’s seven. I was still sleepy, and hungry (I didn’t get the chance to have my breakfast yet!), and bored.

While the professor was talking, I took out a paper from my bag and my brain went down to my hand and when I realized, the thing I scratched on the paper turned out to be a drawing.

I’ve been drawing since I was in the elementary school. Frankly speaking, if there’s something I naturally possessed, sense of art should be one of it, another thing is my business mind. I won some drawing competition back then, when I was a whole lot younger (I can’t believe it was almost more than ten years ago… Oh my youth!). I didn’t expect my ability to be still available, since I never really drawing anymore once I entered high school. But this boring class showed me, yes I still can draw!

I am quite proud of the result, I know it looks childish but no matter how old I am my drawing would always be like that, I can’t draw something like manga, nor portraits, it’s just not my style.

So now, I proudly present, my drawings… dum dum dum…

lmfao, let me tell you a secret, this one… is a picture of the professor who was in front of the class teaching us about press and media and such things like those (I didn’t even pay a little attention…) , and ‘pak ganteng’ means ‘Mr. Handsome’. Haha… isn’t he handsome?


this one is actually a failure, I planned to draw a buffalo, but it turned out to be a pig anyway, lmfao.

every time I see this pic, there’s only one thing I’d say, “RAWR…” Oh cutie cat!

It wasn’t me who draw it, it was my friend, Nanette. Nice little thing, no? I just added some details.

notice whom it looked like? Yes! My banner/header! This picture is the girly version of that monster. I supposed it to be its girlfriend, they’re match made in heaven boring morning class!

one of my favorite, a lot of details (the leaves and all), plus the color. Oh I love twilight.

Just in case you’re really curious, the texts are only their names, lol. Buaya is crocodile, Ayam is chicken and Jerapah is girrafe.

Tell me what you think of them!


  • It’s really tiring to color them when you have no tablet, I used my mouse hovering above the picture all night long, so now I got my hands numbed, lol.
  • No picture of the post just because they all are.
  • Drawing: Pen (hitech); Scanned: Internet cafe (Bayonet); Coloring: Photoshop CS4

Not so everyday .Me.

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When I had free times, I usually spend my time in front of something,  most likely computer, but in some cases, it’s mirror. I would try new style and stay there staring straight at my very own face to examine it. Lol. It seems kinda crazy, but oh well, I am.

And few times ago, I did spend my time in front of the mirror, doing things I’ve been wanting to do, put fake eyelashes and apply a super red lipstick on my lips. Which turned out to be like… these…

no red lips yet, oh.ow. If looks could kill…


This one should be the Picture of The Post, still my favorite so far. i love how smooth my skin looked here! And the red lips! Ooo…! I’m in love with myself.

PS: just in case you don’t know how I normally look like, it’s like this:

so make up does wonders, heck, yeah.

fun chat time!

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I had a really fun time chatting with my dear cousin last night. Actually, the chat was purposed to be a business talk chat, he’s kind of my Boss, lol. We’re going to build an online bookstore and there are a lot to talk about, but then, we ended up talking about personal matters and jokes. In the end, we perfected the fun with drawings! Look what we made!

dakthis was supposed to be him. He had that crazily curly hair, and super love towards keyboard. I was the one who made this, lol. And the xoxo and lips thing cracked me up. lol


tiara1He drew the blue lips, it was supposed to be a rhino’s horn (tell you, he’s a super fan of rhinoceros, lol), But I refused to make a rhino, so I made it into one’s smile! Haha, and I actually felt smart when I saw how different it turned out ;).



This one is just a random one, We’ve agreed that this is something like… handkerchief, haha… I’d love to have one handkerchief with such a pattern and color. This one looks sweet for me ;D.

And last but not least, also, picture of the post (I’ve skipped this section in the few previous posts…), since I love him too much, and he loves rhino so much, here comes the rhino!

tiara3unfortunately, it had its horn broken so we must put bandage to cover it, but the rhino seems pretty happy to me, he’s enjoying the beautiful meadow field in one sunny day.

PS: or maybe you can pretend that it’s an icecream covering its horn, lol. The rhino wants ice cream!

Haha, sure, they’re not some kind of artwork I should be proud to show off of, but they made my day midnight, so I think I just have to share it with you, lol.

Bangs Time

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Lately, I’ve been thinking about what kind of bangs I should have… maybe you can give me any solution, I know that I have a really chubby cheeks, but I really want to try straight full bangs, my… and I know that it makes me look like Dora the explorer, you know her, right?

go to the picture, it’s voting time, which bangs do you think looks best on me?

my current bangs – one sided bangs: I know, I personally think that this one looks best on me, but maybe I can have a little change…


half full bangs: I don’t know, I’ve seen some people with this kind of bangs, and I have to put my hand there, to keep the temporary bangs stay, lol.


full bangs: I find it cute, and my face… changed… (I think I look a bit more Asian) but I can’t decide if this one is good… I look a whole lot chubbier than I already am, hmm…

IMG00137 IMG00135

Any suggestions?


Blah, I hate my camera resolution. And I Had not taken a bath yet when I took these pictures, I’ve just woken up, honestly. And my face was all oily. After all, I’ve never been really pretty, so it doesn’t really matter.

The secrets

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No, sorry, but I’m not planning to tell you my dirty little secrets. This is something more fun than that. Okay, maybe not but at least to me it does. These are the things I can’t go out without. In other words?

Yes baby, my make up kit!

I’m in a bitchy girly mood lately, so I’ll just kindly share you some of this feminelle mood ;)

number one is olive oil! Seriously, this liquid is really-really useful! One of the nature’s perfect makeup. You can apply it to your face before putting any make up there, it’ll moistures your skin, so bye-bye dry skin! Maybe you shouldn’t use it too much (like me) if you have a super oily skin, because mine is normal, thanks dear God.


after applying the olive wonderful oil, there should be this another wonderful thing; foundation! I used this Oriflame Aqua surge foundation thing, the porcelain one. Oh, I love it when my skin is as sleek as porcelain, or at least looks so.


Loose powder is love, as efficient as two way cake, I prefer loose powder ftw. And I have like bunch of loose powder, I can’t even name them one by one, I just love them, and that’s all that matter ;P.


Blush on! Oh of course it’s a MUST for me, seriously, nothing can make you look any cuter (than you already are) than a pink blush on your cheek, and just in case you have nobody to redden your cheek when you stare at ‘that someone’, this little thing will help you find one! And I am currently using Giordano Gold natural blush, they’re pearly and the colors are cute!


Eyeliner-eyeliner-eyeliner ftw! No, I won’t go hanging out with my friends without it applied around my eyes. This magical pencil makes my eyes look bigger and give it more ‘accent’. Oh, I am just in love with this thing, no further explanation needed, right? Oh, and I’m currently using Revlon black pencil eyeliner, oh… it is love, definitely. (And sometimes, to draw wings, I use Oriflame Stylo Eyeliner, damn fun!)


Vaseline is almost as useful as Olive oil, or maybe even more so. You can just dab it anywhere you want, I usually use it for my lips before I go to sleep, hello smooth lips! So I can just be ready for anytime kisses ;P.

Now, my secrets aren’t that surprising, no? Later, you should all show me yours!

Picture of the post!


I took this pic when I went to Aceh last year. O holy lord, the sand is just so smooth and white! And I found this lovely coral ;D

the message:

Man, Love is like, everywhere! So find it now!