Little Tiara

Bangs Time

Posted in girl talk by littletiara on March 6, 2009

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what kind of bangs I should have… maybe you can give me any solution, I know that I have a really chubby cheeks, but I really want to try straight full bangs, my… and I know that it makes me look like Dora the explorer, you know her, right?

go to the picture, it’s voting time, which bangs do you think looks best on me?

my current bangs – one sided bangs: I know, I personally think that this one looks best on me, but maybe I can have a little change…


half full bangs: I don’t know, I’ve seen some people with this kind of bangs, and I have to put my hand there, to keep the temporary bangs stay, lol.


full bangs: I find it cute, and my face… changed… (I think I look a bit more Asian) but I can’t decide if this one is good… I look a whole lot chubbier than I already am, hmm…

IMG00137 IMG00135

Any suggestions?


Blah, I hate my camera resolution. And I Had not taken a bath yet when I took these pictures, I’ve just woken up, honestly. And my face was all oily. After all, I’ve never been really pretty, so it doesn’t really matter.


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