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fun chat time!

Posted in creaking creativity by littletiara on March 8, 2009

I had a really fun time chatting with my dear cousin last night. Actually, the chat was purposed to be a business talk chat, he’s kind of my Boss, lol. We’re going to build an online bookstore and there are a lot to talk about, but then, we ended up talking about personal matters and jokes. In the end, we perfected the fun with drawings! Look what we made!

dakthis was supposed to be him. He had that crazily curly hair, and super love towards keyboard. I was the one who made this, lol. And the xoxo and lips thing cracked me up. lol


tiara1He drew the blue lips, it was supposed to be a rhino’s horn (tell you, he’s a super fan of rhinoceros, lol), But I refused to make a rhino, so I made it into one’s smile! Haha, and I actually felt smart when I saw how different it turned out ;).



This one is just a random one, We’ve agreed that this is something like… handkerchief, haha… I’d love to have one handkerchief with such a pattern and color. This one looks sweet for me ;D.

And last but not least, also, picture of the post (I’ve skipped this section in the few previous posts…), since I love him too much, and he loves rhino so much, here comes the rhino!

tiara3unfortunately, it had its horn broken so we must put bandage to cover it, but the rhino seems pretty happy to me, he’s enjoying the beautiful meadow field in one sunny day.

PS: or maybe you can pretend that it’s an icecream covering its horn, lol. The rhino wants ice cream!

Haha, sure, they’re not some kind of artwork I should be proud to show off of, but they made my day midnight, so I think I just have to share it with you, lol.


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