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him and me

Posted in girl talk, the best friend, words of the brain by littletiara on March 15, 2009

So while I’m waiting for my 20th birthday on march the 16th, which, in other word, tomorrow, I’ll just share you one story of my best friend’s birthday. And frankly speaking, I’ve been in love with him since I don’t even know when, We were good friends and somewhere along the road, I fell for him.

It was normal falling for him, though. He was cold and warm at the very same time, he’s silly but smart, and on top of all, he’s handsome (well, at the very least, for me).

He was my classmate and we’ve been friends for about… umm… almost five years, I’ve seen his black and white and yet, I still have no clue about who he really is. Yes, I have this complicated feeling about him.

We were friends since high school, and once we were graduated we took different paths, but still keep in good touch. We used to hang out a lot when we were in our first semester of Uni, it was like… almost once per week. But as days go by, it became less and less frequent. He has his business and I got mine.

Not every fairytales come to its expected happy ending, actually. And if this is one series of my fairytale, then it ends with us remain good friends, nothing more and actually I don’t really wish to be more than just friends (Okay, sometimes I do), because most of the time, I think it’s better this way.


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