Little Tiara

I rule the day :P

Posted in moments in life, words of the brain by littletiara on March 16, 2009

So I’m practically, officially, twenty years old today, march the 16th. Which means…


This is my super twentieth birthday today and I rule the day, I have only one rule:


Mind me, it’s the first day for me being no longer a TEENager, haha, and it feels, quite… the same actually, except for maybe my way of thinking.

Knowing myself is already twenty, I feel… kind of, nervous actually. And it makes no sense at all, frankly, lol. I just feel it because I want to feel it.

I went to my ex-classmate’s wedding yesterday. She’s probably a year or two older than me, but hey! That’s not a huge difference, no? And while she’s already married, I’m still here waiting/searching for my prince charming to come.

Do I really have one?

HEY! I’ve declared to myself that I rule the world today when there’s no sadness allowed so I shouldn’t think of something that most probably going to make me unhappy, I can think about it anytime BUT today, lol. I’ll put myself on my top priority today. Nothing else matters other than myself, oh I just need to be selfish once.

I’ve been thinking about asking my crush to go out for a walk but, I’m not sure if he’ll say ‘ok’, I’m not even sure if he knows that today is my birthday, but who the hell cares about it? I can just tell him, I just don’t want his refusal to ruin my happiness, so should I ask him or not? Hmm… maybe later. I’d stay away, as far as possible from whatever thing makes me unhappy, right?

I’ll give myself a present of super pleasure, I can just go out shopping as much as I want my money to be spent, or just simply hanging out with my friends and treat them just because I can and I want. I’ve been saving and working hard lately, so I think I deserve more than just some fun. I deserve all the fun exist in this whole wide world! Same goes to my friends, including YOU, readers!

So, Happy birthday to me, hope that all my dreams come true. And more happiness and luck shall come closer, never to go away. And last but not least, Please come quickly, dear Prince charming ;D.



And thank you for all who kindly left me a comment or two ;). Your words are precious, really thank you!



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