Little Tiara

Identifying my own self

Posted in words of the brain by littletiara on April 1, 2009

chic02 chic04

*No, she’s not me, duh! Lol.

No matter where I take the personality quiz, the results are more or less always the same. Daydreamer, sexy, big flirt, best in bed (lmfao!) and kind (those are the good stuffs, I don’t really used to remembering the bad result, lol).

While I always thinks that I am one childish, and somehow innocent, I’m actually a sexy flirt .

And actually, about the flirt part, some of my guy friends were once (or twice?) told me about that, I just laughed it off, but lol. I think they’re just right. Me and my cousin were talking about this few nights ago.

Don’t you think I’m a cute innocent girl? I never really dressed like a sexy woman (except for some times that I have nothing to do and experiencing new thing with my mom’s make up kit), I mean, come on! Just looking at this newest blog layout makes you think that I am quite childish, no?

So maybe I lied to you people, and even to myself too! Really, I never really think of myself as a flirt, but oh well, my cousin said that it’s just my nature, lol. Even if I don’t realize it, don’t mean it to come out, it’s always there. He said that although I try not to show it, it’s just too strong that I can’t hide it.

He too, said, that I have this hypnotizing gaze which is one of those sexy things I have (haha!), I don’t really get what it means, but basically, I can seduce a guy just by looking at him.

And I didn’t know about it myself!

And I started to wonder if I have really known myself all these while… I can’t even pinpoint which word represent me the best. How can this happen? Someone knows me better than myself? I have to say that my cousin is an observant.

So, maybe I really do need help to identifying myself, like what I’ve said a few post earlier about my habit of changing the layout, I figured out that it’s not just a hobby, I am actually looking for my real identity, and so I guess I haven’t found it yet (and I’m already twenty? When will I find it, actually?)

anyone knows how to?

Or maybe just tell me what impression you get when you read my every post? It’s horrible, no? Not knowing your very own self. Deep down, I am actually scared.


Maybe it’s just the hormones, my period is coming pretty soon I guess, but well, it’s not a bad thing to know more about what people think about me, right? So do tell me please ;)


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