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Smile today

Posted in words of the brain by littletiara on April 2, 2009


I’m planning to create another blog where I will write about a thing (or two) that makes me smile that day, and I should write it daily. Of course, the reason to remind everyone that there’s always at least a good thing each day, it’s just that sometimes we don’t realize it, covered by the bad stuffs and bad mood.

This is actually kind of an exercise for myself too to keep thinking positively. I was used to think positively about everything, but then lately it decreased, and I know, I need them to back at me, crawling or running.

What do you think about it?

Let’s just practice here, so today isn’t the best day of my life, classes are boring (just like this semester every other Thursdays), and I got my first time of the month which hurt a little, and I was stressed out with all the homework and it makes the pain felt more suffering than it should be.

And earlier today I planned to go to the restaurant where I will celebrate my a-month-ago birthday with my friends, and I thought that it would be fun, but it was not. Seriously, someone needs to teach that waitress how to behave. I felt the urge to smack her on the head or fry her alive or whatever torturing thing, really. And she just had no idea how her boss is actually my friend who does a daily flirting on me, and yeah, I’ve told him about her, so shoot! Doom baby, doom!

Oh! But I am supposed to tell you about today’s good thing, right? So despite of all those annoying things and that little b waitress (which I still hope will be fired today by my dear friend), I found something really, really interesting.

There’s a website named iFate, where you can find almost all kind of famous magical thing like Tarot card reading, i-ching, astrology, numerology, biorhythms, and also this little thing called fate ball (or something along that line, I don’t actually remember).

How it works is basically just ask it a yes or no question, it’ll give you an answer, sometimes it doesn’t know the answer too, though. So I started by asking some personal questions, but then, I got a better idea, so here it goes…

q: I am pretty, right?

a: my answer is no

*wtf! Me no pretty?!!

q: were you lying when you answered the previous question?

a: answer is hazy, try again

*So the machine DID lie and tried to act stupid!

q: seriously, I am pretty, right?

a: can’t predict now

*why is it so hard to just say that I am pretty? LOL.

q: Okay another question, so, am I tiara?

a: my sources say no

*then, who am I all this while?

q: you’re kinda stupid, you know?

a: it is certain

*Oh, so that answers all my doubts for its previous answers

q: so does that make me stupider than you to play this?

a: my sources say no

*thanks God!

q: so, you’re stupider than me, right?

a: you may rely on it

*Well, okay, I believe you are!

Hahaha! Seriously it cracked me up, the name shouldn’t be ‘fateball’ it is a stupid-but-fun ball. lol. And after all the hard stuff I’ve went through today, it brightened my day! I need to thank my stupidity for leading me to do that stupid thing and ta-daah! My mood now isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

It is wonderful how something so small can change your gloomy day to a brighter one, no? Every single thing can, even a machine!

Wait, so should I create another blog or just post it here? Hmm…



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