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Posted in tag by littletiara on April 14, 2009

Mel, a very friendly blogger friend of mine, who always have an interesting ways to put his thought into a writing, and who is so kind to pay a visit here every time I update, and the one whom I promised to make a layout to (really Mel, I’m going to make one for you, after this hell-ish exam week) gave me this Meme to do.

The rule is,

And now with the Meme called 6 Unimportant Things That Makes You Happy.
The rules are:

1. Mention the person who nominated you.
2. List 6 unimportant things that make you happy.
3. Tag 6 blogs, state the rules, and notify them with a teeny comment on their blog.

Now, it’s not that easy people, really. I mean, come on! How can something that makes you happy be not important?

But here goes my list:

1.) A geeky villain; Gabriel Gray aka Sylar from Heroes

gg14 gg39

I really had to think million times before finally I wrote his name down here. For you who doesn’t watch Heroes, you must, really, for the sake of this super gorgeous villain. Basically, I always loves something evil more than the goodie-good.

While the other thinks that he’s a geeky watchmaker turns out to be a villain; he looks more like a super handsome Clark Kent for me ;P

2.) Make up

While I actually am a girly girl, most of the times I appeared quite boyish, I don’t know why. However, doing fun make up always brightens up my days! My make up kit isn’t all that hype, though. I need only a foundation, compact and loose powder, lip balm (if I really remember), blush on and eyeliner, that’s all. I’m not really a pro on using a mascara, but I’m still trying ;).

3.) Dances

Both doing it and watch someone do it. I don’t care what kind of dance; traditional, hip-hop, contemporaries, whatever, I just love a rhymed movements :D

4.) Blogging

Actually, I’ve been blogging for two years, or maybe more. And when I observed, I found out that I changed blog whenever I had a broken heart, so now let’s hope that I won’t suffer from a broken heart again, or that I won’t be too childish to change my blog address when I’m having my heart broken, lol.

Trivial one, I am actually managing three blogs right now, and one website which I’ve abandoned since last year :(. The blogs are this little tiara, where I am currently and hopefully will always be committed to, esjeruknipis, that I created last year, it’s in Indonesian, the stories are more or less the same with the stories I wrote here, except for the fact that I kind of abandoned it since… umm, few months ago. The third is tiara1603, it’s an old blog which turned out to be the place where I wrote all my assignments, the recent one are in French, and I’ve stopped writing here since forever.

5.) Photoshop

I’m all about art, I mean, I can’t live a single day without music, I love watching someone dances, and I participated (and won) some drawing competitions back then when I was younger, lol. My past is brighter I guess. And photoshop is total love, I really enjoy taking pictures, and I enjoy more the time when I can edit the picture, make it brighter, playing around with scales and colors. Oh I love photoshop.

6.) Kristen Bell


I never really like an actress before, but then I saw her on Heroes as Elle, and I fell for her, totally fell for her. I love her petite figure, and her shiny blonde hair, and the SylarElle ship! Oh, it made my day. So my live is revolving too much around Heroes I guess.

For I am in a good mood today, except for the fact that I haven’t started doing my paper due Monday yet, I’ll share my happiness with you, naw, I think it’s just mine.

Yep, Kbell + Zachary Quinto, oh how I wish to see more of them! SylarElle rocks my socks!

Just tell me, how can you not adore this adorable couple?

And now, I tag these wonderful people:!


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