Little Tiara

The Quadruple Birthday Party

Posted in moments in life by littletiara on April 17, 2009

Okay, I know my birthday was a month ago but hey! Better late than never, right? So here comes some pic from my birthday celebration party, okay, it was not only mine but a Quadruple birthday party!

No, we ain’t no quadruplets, but our birthdays were close, so we decided to celebrate it together :D

Our party had a dress code, basically it’s a small party involving my class mates, which is only about fifteen, and four of us are the birthday boy/girls, lol. Okay, back to the topic…

wait, where were we?

Oh, right! Dress code, the birthday girls/boy used white and the guests use black ;) and I made the invitation, uploaded it to facebook and tagged them all :D

here are the invitation. I made two versions:



Which one of these invitations you like the most?

moving on! Yep, the restaurant we booked has a great ambiance, you can choose to eat outdoor or indoor. We, of course picked outdoor, go to the wild! Lol.

_1000498edit1We even got surprise cake from the people in that restaurant! Excluding the nasty waitress, of course. And don’t you think the view is very pretty? I mean, the dim candle light and all…

_1000518edit1  Fun in black and white :D The girl in the middle (beside me) was not one of the birthday girls, she just had no black dress, lmfao.

P1000524edit2_edited-1 Just in case you hadn’t notice it, I used a little tiara :)
(hey wait! That’s the name of THIS blog! Lol)

P1000527edit copy

Little miss sunshines: (left to right) Miss Aline, Miss Tiara, Miss nanette, Miss Ryan :D I looked kinda drunk here, I know.

the dudettes edit The dudettes! We’re seriously cute, no? :P Okay, I didn’t even know what I was doing, but eh! It’s a cool pose :P

ugmhillsedit And finally the whole crew ;)

Ah, and thanks to that nasty waitress for being so annoying to me that I had to tell her boss about how bad she was, we were treated like a VIP that night (well, we actually were ;P). Yeah, they finally know who I am, I have your boss, dude!


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