Little Tiara

Library madness

Posted in moments in life by littletiara on April 20, 2009

Sometimes I come to the library to read and borrow a book or two, but that happen really rarely, lol. Most of the time, I came to the library to rest, you know, library=AC+Serenity=Sleep, lol. Living in a tropical country can be really sucks, at times, it’s over 34 Celsius everyday, I often believe that the heat could kill me someday, but dear good lord, please don’t :( so library can be a real life saver, sometimes.

And this is my report of the most recent time me and my friends visited the Library, enjoy!

We found out that the library has a lot of book in it, and they’re colorful too! Although sometimes, –okay, most of the time- I can’t understand what the books are talking about.

So we decided to spend more time to had fun with this colorful books…

I know, I look confused. How can I not? I can’t read the book! Anyone can tell me why?

So I was looking for the trouble maker inside the book, wait! My book changed color! How scary that is? LOL.

Maybe if I read it this way I can understand more…

Or maybe this way? At least I looked smart, no? Two books!

I am naturally playful, and I love to play anywhere. Oh, even library can be my playground :P


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