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Envy me. Envy me. Envy me.

Posted in words of the brain by littletiara on May 1, 2009

I’m gonna make you all soooo envy of me! :P Look what I have here!

So, I’m on my last year of Uni right now, and in Indonesia, it means, other than making umm… what is that? Something like thesis, I don’t know what it’s called in English (or too lazy to work my brain out to recall), we also have to work, call it, for the country (holy!), the program named KKN. I don’t really want to talk about it, to shorten it, the definition is to live for two months in a village, do some programs there and blah blah like that.

I know, I don’t seem so enthusiast, but I DO! Because LOOK! This is the place where I will spend my two months, July-August.

KKN 404 


KKN 297

KKN 179


v bfdgn


Isn’t that place BEAUTIFUL? I can learn to play gamelan (for free!), and there’s a lake, and of course the green rice field, and those ducks! LOL.

And IF! (I said IF, okay?) there’s something gone really wrong and I can’t spend my July-August there, I have the Plan B already, guess what?


Yep, I’m gonna go to Bali with my friends :D how good is that sound? Honestly, that sounds reaaaaally good for my ear ;D.

Too good, actually :D


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