Little Tiara

A short update, I’m hyper! SUGAR!

Posted in Uncategorized by littletiara on May 5, 2009

My daddy bought me the oh so wanted Wacom Bamboo small today! So pardon me for being away, have a new shiny toy :P

Me and my friends are still on the way of planning about backpacking to Bali, how FUN is that sounds? I am totally looking forward to it! Going to Bali is one thing, backpacking with my friends is another thing! YAY!

And the best friend (remember him?) said that he might join *prays hard

I shopped with my brother yesterday, that was fun, haha!

the upcoming post, I’ll talk about: one hope project, remind me of it, please :D

now, I’m off to have some more fun with the new and shiny and … whatever, WACOM BAMBOO FUN!


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