Little Tiara

My paper cranes can fly!

Posted in One hope project by littletiara on May 8, 2009

Life is hectic! But also very wonderful :D and I am glad that I can really enjoy this every little bits of it :)

The ‘ONE HOPE: 1000 Paper cranes’ project is still going on and strong :) I hope more people will participate. I myself, actually, before this project had even started have already 200++ paper cranes, I do it when I need time to be alone, just sit down and thinking, my hands can’t stop doing something so I’ll just grab my origami paper and make some paper cranes, it’s a kind of therapy for me.

By the way, I took some pictures of my paper crane yesterday. I even made a banner!

I used no string, really! I used stick, and edited it in photoshop, you know, it’s pretty tiring to hold up a stick while trying to take a picture of the object stick on it, lol. In the end my brother helped me holding the stick.

A rather simple shot, but I love the color! My marble floor looks even more beautiful in this photo, and the shadow part is my favorite :D

I didn’t use stick, I hold this paper crane up, lol. And it’s way more tiring, haha… but I love the color of the sky above :D

Once again, stick and photoshopped, and cropped, well…

Which one of these pictures is your favorite? I need to pick one and send it to Nanette, but I just can’t choose! None is good enough! *hufft…

The banner:

onehopeproject I did only cropped and gave a little touch up, the shot was taken by Nanette herself, sure she’s way more skilled than me, haha…


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