Little Tiara

An unsent letter

Posted in words of the brain by littletiara on May 12, 2009

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

I know you both love me and give me so much, much more than I can ever give you back. I know that no matter what I do, I will still be your little tiara, forever a small girl who loves to annoy people and feel no guilty at all about it, and you both love me for that too. I know that you want me to be the best girl out here, which I am scare I can not fulfill, but knowing how much you both love me, you two should know that I’ll try my best.

I don’t know if my ‘best’ will suits your ‘best’, maybe we have different standards, which shouldn’t be a problem as long as it’s a ‘best’. But why is lately I feel that you two ask more than I ever could give you? Or was it only me being emo?

Why do I feel like I don’t want to follow all your rules anymore?
Why do I think that you two shouldn’t control me too much already?
Why do I find more different perspectives between us?
Why am I feel more rebel-ish lately?
Why do I feel like you two don’t trust me enough to grow up on my own?
Why do I feel like I am being caged with the rules lately?
Should I really remind you that I am already twenty?
It might be a silly question, but dear Daddy, should you really ask me to sleep when it’s already only 9PM?
And dear Mommy, must you really interrogate me before I hang out with my friends?

Why do I feel like Britney’s song ‘I’m not a girl not yet a woman’ and ‘overprotected’ suit me the best lately?

But really, I thank you for being such a good parents to me, maybe you just not ready yet to face the fact that I’m growing up up up and away already.

With Love,


I promise, next time I update I will inform you about how the Paper Crane project is doing, for now, all I can say is thank you for all who had sent their pictures, and for those who advertise it. :D


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