Little Tiara

The Paper Cranes Project reportage

Posted in One hope project by littletiara on May 22, 2009

I was away from the blogsphere for quite a while no? Life has been pretty stressful, or even if it doesn’t, still, I was stressed, lol. And as I’ve promised you, in this post I’ll report how the paper cranes project is going on.

I’m so happy with the result, a lot of people send their paper cranes picture to me during these two weeks. They even ask their friends and collagues to fold one :D. And it’s so wonderful how I can get more friends from this project, those who kindly fold a paper cranes even without knowing who I am first, thank you so much dears!

Me and Nanette works online separately, she’s working more on Buzznet and me, well.. blog and facebook :D and sorry that I’m not really sure how much is it in total, but in my side, I’ve collected about 40 paper cranes pictures, thank you so much! Isn’t it wonderful?

It’s really great to know how someone learn to make a paper cranes because of this project, hehe…

I should really make a thank you list, but pardon me for being too lazy to do that hyperlink things :( I’ll do it later, maybe when we reached 100? Hehe…

wow, 1000 is a long way!


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