Little Tiara

This is my confession

Posted in girl talk, words of the brain by littletiara on May 29, 2009

So I read this blog yesterday, it’s SassyGirl’s. She commented on my previous post, so I have this habit to visit everyone who commented on my post, sometimes I leave comment, sometimes I just read on. When I leave a comment that’s when new relationship usually begins, and I love it :) When I don’t leave comment, it’s usually because I’m not in the mood or I just have now idea of what should I say, sometimes I come back there again and commenting, and, yes, another new friends :D

By the way, Sassy girl posted something about secret on her post, and it inspired me to write something about my secrets too :) let’s see a little bit more of me.

Well, it’s like some kind of a confession here…

  1. I am the first kid in my family but I act like I am the last (or the only), I am spoiled and proud of it, I love to be the center of attention, I love compliments, well… the sincere one.
  2. I am pretty much obsessed with marriage, well… maybe girls on my age do the same, but… well, when you read some of my posts, you’ll see it clearly.
  3. I think I’m a little erotomaniac, if you don’t know what it is, ask Uncle Google or its friend Aunty Wiki. I’m sure they’ll tell you what you need.
  4. I’ve been single until now, twenty years old for God’s sake. Ask me why? Maybe because I am too picky. My type? worship me, spends 4/5 of his time about me, handsome, rich, smart (in no particular order).
  5. I am twenty year old. This is a confession, because some people usually thinks I am 4-5 years younger than I actually am. And the secret is? I actually love it when people think that way.
  6. I have a very, I mean very small breast. It’s like I am having a flat chest. And I’m not really proud of it. Well, now that’s a confession.
  7. I only watch football when it’s world champion time, and my money is always on GERMANY!
  8. I am a greedy girl, I always wants to know about everything, especially when it’s art/business related. I can spend my whole day in front of the computer reading tutorials and doing the trials. Usually failed, lol.
  9. I am a total moody girl, when I am not in the mood, I will skip class(es) and do nothing at all.
  10. I spoil myself to always get what I want. Thus, I’d do whatever to get it. Put it nicely: hard worker, in reality: spoiled.

So those are ten things you might not know about me , hmm… I just made myself seemed so bad! Haha.


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