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Party Time Baby!

Posted in moments in life by littletiara on June 15, 2009

I know I said just two days ago that I’ll leave blogsphere for a while, but here I am again, blogging! Boo! Lol, and the actual reason is just because I want to show up! Well, boo… (again)

I and my friends went to a party last Monday, more than a party, though. It was a party, a girls night out and a sleepover. You can’t agree more that when girls get together a lot of fun would be created, right? Make up, gossip, oh… we’re just ordinary girls! :D

here are some shots from the day when we finally hanging out together again (school and all its bitchy exam/papers are the culprit for our lack of happiness)





I know, my stile was quite… different, eh? While the other used some feminine dresses, I used frilly mini skirt and a super cool hat plus converse shoes! ;D I love my style. Turned out pretty useful in the club, when the other were tired already because of their high heels, I was still dancing and jumping around crazily, lol.

Psst, the guest DJ was from French and their music was super cool I couldn’t stop moving! Haha…

The nicest thing of all. was actually the fact that early in the morning we were all have to do a presentation. Nice. We went back home at four and at nine we had to be ready, that was quite crazy.

No worries, I passed it well, really well actually :D

And I changed my layout for the gazilionth time in this weekend. I’ll stick to this pinky one. Being such a perfectionist as I am, coding is one of those real pain in the a**, no? There are still some little details I feel the need to fix, like the missing header and the mismatch colors but God! I must stop coding like… right NOW.


Actually, the main reason I do coding and blogging is to escape from my take-home paper. I really should make them now, or else I won’t get even any B’s.

So, ciao!


1. I just realized that I wrote “my stile” instead of “my style”. I can’t help it, I just have to edit it!

2. The picture was taken in Nanette’s house before we went partying, and Nanette was the one taking picture. I really should post her picture later :P


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