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Love songs

Posted in girl talk, words of the brain by littletiara on June 20, 2009

I promised Dionne to post about the stuff she sent me (yeah, it too a month for the lovely package to arrive-naughty, naughty Indonesian postal service). But I kept forgetting to grab my camera which I put in my daddy’s laptop case, and every morning he goes before I even fully awake. Ah, stupid, stupid Tiara. Tomorrow is sunday so I hope he won’t go anywhere before I wake up so I can grab the camera.

So today, let’s talk about love songs.

You guys know I have a soft heart, right? lol, and I am fully obsessed over marriage, so I’ve prepared some songs to be sung on my wedding anniversaries. I know, sounded pretty stupid, but… heck, I am that kind of girl!

Here goes the list:

Simon Webbe – After all this time.

I’ve decided to dance along with this song for my 2nd wedding anniversary, the lyric is just too sweet. And I love his voice.

And behind his tired eyes, she sees the boy with his arms wide
Who made her feel like an angel
Ohh that’s why she’s loving him still
For the rest of her life, she’s loving him still
For the last of many miles
She’s loving him still
After all this time

I know two years isn’t even enough to say “After all this time” so maybe later I’ll ask my future husband to dance to this song every year :P just to make us both sure that we’re still in love, after all those time. :D

I still don’t know what songs to fill the next next years anniversary, but for our 25th, I’m yours from The Script fits me really really well ;) the melody is just so nice, plus his voice is total love!

You touch these tired eyes of mine,
And map my face out line by line
And somehow growing old feels fine

I may not have the softest touch,
I may not say the words as such,
And though I may not look like much,
I’m yours.

And growing old together, I’ve even already prepared our 50th wedding anniversary song, it’s Sarah Geronimo’s Forever’s Not Enough ;) I imagine listening to this song while having our cup of tea in a silent morning, or maybe not so silent because we’d talk about memories from the past and the future, and the miracle that came along, or maybe watching our grandchildren running in the front yard. Whatever situation, this song would be so soothing. (okay, not so soothing, but the lyric… ahh…)

And if forever’s not enough for me to love you
I’d spent another lifetime baby,
If you ask me to
There’s nothing I won’t do
Forever’s not enough for me to love you so

There are some unlisted songs I can’t remember, lol. Because I have too many in my playlist, haha…

Oh, and for the song in my wedding? I think I’d love to hear Richard Marx and Donna Lewis’ At the Beginning in one of the songs played ;)

We were strangers
On a crazy adventure
Never dreaming
How our dreams would come true
Now here we stand
Unafraid of the future
At the beginning with you

In the end I wanna be standing the beginning with you

and Westlife’s The Rose too. The song is nice and the MV is… aww… ;p and their I Do. Gosh, I really do have too many love song in my head.

what’s your ultimate love song?

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