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Still an enjoyable afternoon after all.

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Finally met him yesterday and ah, I have to apologize for being so coward and easily satisfied; I didn’t say anything about our relationship, not even the 5th anniversary (yes, it’s been about 5 years friendship! D: with feelings everywhere…).

I don’t feel that bad, though.

Of course I hope I would’ve done more than just chatted and daydreamed and laughed and gossiped and all. But the easily satisfied self of me felt happy enough to spend times with him, cheesy? Yeah, I know… I even forgot what I’ve planned to do and where I wanted to go once I hopped on his car, he is the destination, nothing else mattered. (ah, it’s always like that every single time..)

Plus the atmosphere and the topics we were talking about were nothing near relationship and feelings, we talked about finances and business, lol. And daydreaming about our future jobs ;) I did give some hints, though. I’m good at giving hint, so when he said I can work with him, I said, he should work for me, lol. (was it me who gave him hint or he was the one gave me hint?)

We talked a lot, and I really enjoyed it, it’s been really a long time since we chatted that much, he really is one of the best listener who is able to hear all my dreams and react to them and (I hope) vice versa.

Currently, he wants to open a bakery, I’m on the way to be the CEO of an online bookstore (Since I am the founder of course I’m the CEO right? Lol). And I don’t know where they (bakery and online bookstore) connect one another, but one way or another we found that someday, we really should work together, that sounds like heaps of fun (for me, of course, and he was so enthusiast about this too).

btw, isn’t it funny how he wants to open a bakery? He can’t even cook!

He contacted me the day I came back from Bali, asking if I have an oven, well, honestly I don’t. The next day he called me informing he had baked the cakes/cookies (I don’t really understand what he cooked/baked/made though), all I know was they were all burnt, inedible and as hard (and black) as rock, lol. How could I not laugh?

He never seemed like a guy who ever step his feet in the kitchen anyway, and even if he does go to the kitchen, it would be only eggs/instant noodles I believe. In the end, he decided to hire someone to cook for the bakery, but me, imagining about cooking together with him made me smile :) I really would have heaps of good laugh time, lol. Maybe we really should do it someday.

I don’t remember what other hints I’ve said and he’d gave, I believe they were everywhere yesterday.

(oh, I remember one! He said I may own his BMW-when I showed him my driving license and asked him to buy me a car, yay! Haha xD)

p.s. I’m so sorry this is a long and imageless post but I didn’t have my camera with me yesterday :S

p.p.s Okay, I added a picture, wouldn’t it be perfect if we can actually make something like these? (gotta prepare for a darker/melting chocolate boy, though)


picture credits: soompi forums


daylight dream

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wedding_london_northbank_city_02 (credits as tagged)

I am again daydreaming about my marriage, can it be unhealthy that I do it kind of too often while I still don’t know who’s gonna be the groom? lol. But I love doing this anyway.

So I got this idea when I chatted with Rad on facebook, remember him? Yes, he’s the one who promised me lollipops, we didn’t get to meet the last time and now he’s back in Singapore :S. So the lollies are still in his house now (in which he suggested me to get it but I don’t even know where the hell is his house, lol so I get to wait till August when he’s coming back Yogya again).

Back to what we were talking about, I and rad talked about (of course) the lollies, so he actually bought me FOUR! I wanted only one and thought he would just give me two but no, he gave me FOUR! The excitement of having so many lollies inspire me, maybe I should have a lollies bouquet for my wedding instead of flowers! It will be absolutely sweet, right?

So I thought about it over and over again all night long, how cute will it be etcetera, until suddenly I realized I always wants a traditional wedding ceremony (I just love Indonesian culture too much, no?) It would be ridiculous for me to hold bouquet of lollies when I’m using Kebaya, they just don’t suit one another, lol.

But I still want lollipops to have a part in my wedding! So the idea came up, I’ll get bunch of pre-wedding photos with lollipops, that would be really cute! I’ve searched around google and found nothing, and so I smiled. It’s cool to be the first, right? (although I believe there must be someone with this idea already, maybe I searched with wrong key word :P)

Another cool thing I pondered about, wouldn’t it be soooo cool to have all your blogger friends on your wedding, especially to someone as addicted to blogging as me? Maybe I can’t get you all attend the party because it will surely cost too much (I’m thinking about giving you the ticket to where I celebrate the wedding) so maybe one day I can have a giveaway, maybe five or more blogger friends can have the chance to win, and the prize is my wedding invitation (+tickets, hotel and all), haha… isn’t that cool? I really need to save a lot starting now if I want to make it true :)

I love thinking about things like this ;) makes me happy.

I’d really love to have this kind of fun pre-wedding photos (right, they can have the cotton candy, but lollies are mine, alright?)





img_7363bcredits goes here (ophelia photography)

let’s talk about the rain and the sun

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I always have this problem of deciding what should I talk about in my post because I always have too many in mind. and also this problem of no connection between the title and what the post talks about.

I remember I promised you to talk about the best friend, that I was so angry when he canceled the meet up again yesterday.

So I did. I was so angry I replied his text so short. But then I remembered I was/will never able to get that angry to him. He’s done this before, I was so angry I cried but when I met him I couldn’t even put a frown. I’m so blah, right? It happened again yesterday, worse we didn’t even meet, we only chatted through facebook and I forgave him already.

I thought about why all day/night long and finally figured the answer out; I don’t want to ever waste our time together only to get uncomfortable. Am I wrong?

Okay, enough love story, I’ve been thinking about changing the domain to wordpress, because I can reply to each comment personally; that just sounds like a perfect blogging for me, but there, I can’t change my layout (well, I can but it’ll cost some $$ and I’m like changing my layout every 2 weeks so I’ll be poor if I really do that, lol) and there’s no ‘followers’ widget, do you think I should change it or not? I really like being close to my readers by answering their every comments :S.

p.s: I think I really will try wordpress soon, get ready? :P

Bali Pic spam :P

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Thank you for welcoming me home dearies! Haha, blogging is one of the thing I miss the most when I was away, my friend brought her mini laptop but it just doesn’t feel quite the same, yeah, the feeling.

Here are some snaps I promised you earlier :) we visited so many beaches and lakes, lol, Bali is everything about water, huh?

Day I

at Lovina beach, north Bali, not like the famous Kuta beach, Lovina is way quieter, so tranquil :) a nice place to watch the sunset too :D




Day II



Lovina Beach again, morning. We’re heading to Denpasar after this. (Denpasar is the Bali’s capital)


on the way to Denpasar we visited Bedugul, a beautiful lake up the hills, chiillls! :P


finally Denpasar, Kuta street, looking for Hotel.


Sukowati traditional art market, shopping time! Bought some souvenirs there :)



Dreamland aka the new Kuta beach. Really beautiful with white sand :D





Day IV


@Bali Bombing monument :(

Day V


Well… you can see it, Hard Rock! :)

The picture from the last days are still being edited, lol. Only those two published, we spent the last two days at Kuta beach, so I am tan now, really :S. I really have to say this skin color doesn’t suit me, lol. I don’t have that exotic face so… :x

The flight back was so very early, lol. It was at 5am, so I don’t have the pic of us at the airport before we finally get back to Yogya, haha… the faces were still super sleepy, I have to keep my image good, right? :P


I changed my layout, do you like it? Doesn’t it look more matured and mysterious? Haha :P (no, I can’t do ballet whatsoever, lol. I just love the stock picture that I have to make a layout out of it)


Again, the best friend canceled/postponed the meet up, so my current state is annoyed/slightly angry at him. I think I’ll talk more about it in the next post, get ready for my ranting! :P

Welcome home

Posted in moments in life by littletiara on July 23, 2009

I’m back! YAY!

I know I was so excited about this trip, I never knew that coming back home is even more exciting! Going to Bali magically made me love Jogja more, isn’t that weird? (in case you don’t know, Jogja is the city where I’ve been living for the past 10 years, also known as Yogya/ Yogyakarta)

I know Bali is more well known internationally, not that I don’t like it, I just love Jogja more, home sweet home :)

The pictures are on the way, there were heaps of fun(ny) moments captured in the camera so no worries, I’ll show it off to you guys soon. Not now because:

1.) I’m still having the jetlag (read: euphoria of coming home)

2.) It’s tomorrow I meet the best friend. Heck the nerve!

So I better sleep earlier today, right? Haha, I miss my bed!

to end this post, here is a flickr album of Yogyakarta, not mine, all credits goes to farl (who I don’t exactly know, but I plan to befriend him pretty soon)

Quick update

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Okay, this is a quick-really quick post :D

1. Thank you for all your comments in the previous post! So sorry I can’t reply them personally one by one although I really want to because they’re all so supportive, but I really don’t have enough time :S I just need you to know that I love how caring you guys are :D and yes, I think I’ll tell him about it, he talks about my love life more often lately, I noticed, so maybe that’s a good sign? :P

2. I and the best friend couldn’t meet this week so guys/girls, you all have to wait for a week or so if you’re curious about how my relationship and him going on. We have to cancel the meet-up until I come back from Bali.

3. I’m sorry I can’t comment on your posts, I’ll be away for about a week, not that there’s no internet but I think I’ll be too busy having fun :P

4. Have a great days everyone! And WOW! I got some new followers! *waves hello! :D sorry I can’t visit your blogs anytime soon but I promise I will :) thank you for following dear followers :D

5. If I really win something like giveaway (I wish!l lol-since they’re everywhere in the blogsphere) please inform me here and/or via email tiara_purnomo(at) I’ll be checking every now and then, thank you!

6. I have a little question, as a blog readers, what kind of topic you actually like the best? Is it like a post with heaps of beautiful picture, a writing with thoughts, writing of daily life or… what? Lol. I’m just curious, I think I talk about my random private life too much here, haha.

7. Okay, I’m off. BALI! :P


I can’t think of a proper title right now, thanks

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current state: lost

I am torn between feeling happy and something unexplainable. In two days, I’ll be in Bali (yay me!), vacationing for a week with my friends. I can already imagine the beautiful sunset and/or sunrise I’ll enjoy at the beach. Plus, if I’m lucky, I’ll get to see the dolphins jumping at lovina beach. ah!

And this afternoon, I’ll meet rad, who is other than my blogger faithful friend, also my senior in uni who helped me a lot doing my homework, lol. Yesterday he was back from Singapore, and I asked him to bring me lollipops! So today’s meet up is for the pretty lolly! Yay, sounds good? It is! :D

Now, those are the things that made me happy, the unexplainable one is… remember the best friend I talked about in some of the previous posts? No? Okay, if you’re a new reader, you’re probably clueless, here’s a short explanation:

I have this bestest friend ever, been friends since high school and somewhere along the way I fell for him, worse, I’m stuck to him. While he never really know this feelings I have towards him, I can’t love anyone else! That’s bad, right? So I decided to tell him, sometime this week, which would mean; today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow because after that I’ll be in Bali.

and thinking about it scared the hell out of me! D:

I can’t sleep well, eat well and do anything well… :S I haven’t even started packing my luggage because I kept thinking about all possibilities of what would happen.

I’m afraid, really afraid that he would go away :(

should I really tell him? Or not?


pardon the grammar, I can’t really think :S

Being Tiara

Posted in words of the brain by littletiara on July 10, 2009

I was tagged by tooth fairy to write ten random things, and I’ve decided to write the most random thing in this world; how to be Tiara, in 10 steps:

1. Be childish.

No matter how bad or good the situation is, react to it like a five year old little girl. love the lollipops, balloons and anything colorful, don’t forget to jump up and down all day when you’re happy. This may not be the best thing to do but that’s how Tiara expresses herself.

2. Love your best friends.

By love here means both love and ‘love’. Tiara worship her every friends, including her blog’s followers. She would always try her best to keep in a good relationship with them. Tiara is somehow always envies anyone who states they marry to their best friend (yes Dionne, I envy you :P). Tiara is currently very much in love with her best friend and is planning to tell him about it, if only she could be brave enough *crosses fingers.

3. Be obsessed with marriage.

Anything related to marriage puts her heart in joy that she can’t help but smile. Wedding gown, wedding cakes, and especially pre-wedding photos.

4. Listen to every songs’ lyric carefully.

Most of the songs in Tiara’s favorite playlist have a touching/ romantic/ meaningful lyric. That’s why she already has her ultimate love song list to be played on her wedding anniversaries.

5. Be curious.

Yes, curiosity kills the cat. But she is no cat at all (okay, a little…), she loves to discover new things, learns about anything and think a lot about some random facts. She opens a lot of tutorials and such, she wants to know about almost anything. Although she has no interest in physic and friends, she adored those who can survive learning such things (like Einstein and Hawking? Nah ma type!).

6. Have a big scoop of imagination.

Tiara spends her days daydreaming, about her own love life, dramas, writing ideas, anything. Every nights before she falls asleep, she always thinks of something, by something it can mean anything, including the next blog post. This one story is an example of how fruity her thoughts can be.

7. Be proud of yourself.

Tiara loves herself so much, sometimes a bit too much. She tends to find perfection in herself, although she fully believes that nobody’s perfect. Being in love with yourself means knowing what you want, and being super comfortable with it.

8. Be super romantic.

Try to be as romantic as you can until people around you think that you have no feeling to anything but romance. She tries hard not to cry watching some extremely sad dramas and not to smile too widely when listening to a song with hopeful lyric.. Even reading some very touching blog posts can make her cries, She’s such a crybaby! (for example this beautiful post from JLC about her hubby homecoming, -wait there was no even many words!) This point can be related to point 2, 3 and 4 respectively.

9. Be moody

This is a bad thing, but Tiara is super moody, her mood swing is rather extreme, one minute she can laugh out loud with her friends and the next she is calm like nothing ever happens. She can be hot and cold at the very same time, or warm and cool too to put it more nicely.

10. Love anything Asian

She loves watching some Korean/Taiwanese dramas via youtube or any other streaming sites, she learns mandarin just so she can understand a little when she watches some un-subbed interviews of her favorite actress. She loves Asian cultures a little bit more than she loves another cultures; and she daydreams to go Thailand, Korea and Japan (followed by Prague and Rome) first when she can finally starts her worldwide invasion :P.

Okay, I hope they are random enough. To end this conversation, hohoho… of course, vote for me today! :P


Friends :D

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So, I was surprised when I finally back to the internet life (because I was grounded for sitting too much in front of my laptop -OH DADDY COME ON!) and found nineteen comments there! Plus, fifteen followers! Wow! I’ve never really mind the statistic but this is just too surprising (yeah, I am easily surprised) that I just have to say it.

Okay, the previous post was about the voting, I’ve actually prepared myself for no comment at all, I mean, what a waste of time voting for a random girl and her random shoe design, right? In fact I’ve received the most comment I’ve ever got, lol. Yeah, nineteen is a new record :P

So then I came to a realization that suddenly it’s no longer that important for me to win the contest for I’ve made some new wonderful friends, eh! But I’m still hoping for winning, lol.

So if you haven’t today, go go go vote for me again today :P click the picture below.


Moving on (I know you’re bored of my greediness to win this competition already but I just can’t help it! :P), I’ve finally took some pictures of Dionne’s package, She’s one of my favorite blogger in the blogsphere, she’s so friendly, she always tries to comment back to every comment on her blog, and she’s awesomely creative too! You really must visit her blog and read some of her thoughts, plus artworks, which will tempt you to go to her etsy store where you can purchase her artworks, all handmade and beautiful :)

So she sent me one of her artwork few weeks ago and I tried to give you some gist of how wonderful they are, but definitely, my lame digital camera does her artwork no justice at all, and my photography skill helped me at nothing. I’ve tried to fix it in photoshop but the real one is of course the best.



Aren’t they beautiful? Thank you Dionne for your kindness!


PS: I actually still have loads of things to say but I think I should save it for the next post, aight?

With cherry on top, please?

Posted in creaking creativity by littletiara on July 1, 2009

Vote for me, please? I participate in this contest and I need as much vote as I can to win it, the prize is just too good to be true for such a poor little girl like me, lol. $750 cash and $250 shoes voucher from RYZ. So I need your help guys, here’s how to:

1. Go here (click)

2. A picture of the shoe will appear, there are checks under the picture, max point, please?

Here is my design you’ll find there


3. And well… tell your friends about it will be lovely, and you may vote as often as you can, I think. here’s what they say in their rules section:

“Remember everyone has a chance at winning – post your shoe to your networks, invite your friends and vote often!”

4. That’s all for today, the best thing is that you can vote once a day :)

I am personally in love with this design, the color like clovers, it’s like wishing me good luck and the square-ish pattern reminds me of my grandpa :)

There are also two other designs in my portfolio, you can vote for them too (but please do vote for this irish grandpa design). Here is the link for my portfolio, and here are the other two designs you can find there:

1 3

tell me, which design do you like the best?


If I really win this contest, I think I will hold a giveaway, lol. I mean, seriously $750! (o.0)

and I know I sounded so very greedy but oh, I actually am and do. Hmmph…