Little Tiara

With cherry on top, please?

Posted in creaking creativity by littletiara on July 1, 2009

Vote for me, please? I participate in this contest and I need as much vote as I can to win it, the prize is just too good to be true for such a poor little girl like me, lol. $750 cash and $250 shoes voucher from RYZ. So I need your help guys, here’s how to:

1. Go here (click)

2. A picture of the shoe will appear, there are checks under the picture, max point, please?

Here is my design you’ll find there


3. And well… tell your friends about it will be lovely, and you may vote as often as you can, I think. here’s what they say in their rules section:

“Remember everyone has a chance at winning – post your shoe to your networks, invite your friends and vote often!”

4. That’s all for today, the best thing is that you can vote once a day :)

I am personally in love with this design, the color like clovers, it’s like wishing me good luck and the square-ish pattern reminds me of my grandpa :)

There are also two other designs in my portfolio, you can vote for them too (but please do vote for this irish grandpa design). Here is the link for my portfolio, and here are the other two designs you can find there:

1 3

tell me, which design do you like the best?


If I really win this contest, I think I will hold a giveaway, lol. I mean, seriously $750! (o.0)

and I know I sounded so very greedy but oh, I actually am and do. Hmmph…


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