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Posted in words of the brain by littletiara on July 4, 2009

So, I was surprised when I finally back to the internet life (because I was grounded for sitting too much in front of my laptop -OH DADDY COME ON!) and found nineteen comments there! Plus, fifteen followers! Wow! I’ve never really mind the statistic but this is just too surprising (yeah, I am easily surprised) that I just have to say it.

Okay, the previous post was about the voting, I’ve actually prepared myself for no comment at all, I mean, what a waste of time voting for a random girl and her random shoe design, right? In fact I’ve received the most comment I’ve ever got, lol. Yeah, nineteen is a new record :P

So then I came to a realization that suddenly it’s no longer that important for me to win the contest for I’ve made some new wonderful friends, eh! But I’m still hoping for winning, lol.

So if you haven’t today, go go go vote for me again today :P click the picture below.


Moving on (I know you’re bored of my greediness to win this competition already but I just can’t help it! :P), I’ve finally took some pictures of Dionne’s package, She’s one of my favorite blogger in the blogsphere, she’s so friendly, she always tries to comment back to every comment on her blog, and she’s awesomely creative too! You really must visit her blog and read some of her thoughts, plus artworks, which will tempt you to go to her etsy store where you can purchase her artworks, all handmade and beautiful :)

So she sent me one of her artwork few weeks ago and I tried to give you some gist of how wonderful they are, but definitely, my lame digital camera does her artwork no justice at all, and my photography skill helped me at nothing. I’ve tried to fix it in photoshop but the real one is of course the best.



Aren’t they beautiful? Thank you Dionne for your kindness!


PS: I actually still have loads of things to say but I think I should save it for the next post, aight?


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