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I can’t think of a proper title right now, thanks

Posted in girl talk, the best friend by littletiara on July 14, 2009

current state: lost

I am torn between feeling happy and something unexplainable. In two days, I’ll be in Bali (yay me!), vacationing for a week with my friends. I can already imagine the beautiful sunset and/or sunrise I’ll enjoy at the beach. Plus, if I’m lucky, I’ll get to see the dolphins jumping at lovina beach. ah!

And this afternoon, I’ll meet rad, who is other than my blogger faithful friend, also my senior in uni who helped me a lot doing my homework, lol. Yesterday he was back from Singapore, and I asked him to bring me lollipops! So today’s meet up is for the pretty lolly! Yay, sounds good? It is! :D

Now, those are the things that made me happy, the unexplainable one is… remember the best friend I talked about in some of the previous posts? No? Okay, if you’re a new reader, you’re probably clueless, here’s a short explanation:

I have this bestest friend ever, been friends since high school and somewhere along the way I fell for him, worse, I’m stuck to him. While he never really know this feelings I have towards him, I can’t love anyone else! That’s bad, right? So I decided to tell him, sometime this week, which would mean; today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow because after that I’ll be in Bali.

and thinking about it scared the hell out of me! D:

I can’t sleep well, eat well and do anything well… :S I haven’t even started packing my luggage because I kept thinking about all possibilities of what would happen.

I’m afraid, really afraid that he would go away :(

should I really tell him? Or not?


pardon the grammar, I can’t really think :S

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