Little Tiara

Quick update

Posted in girl talk, moments in life by littletiara on July 15, 2009

Okay, this is a quick-really quick post :D

1. Thank you for all your comments in the previous post! So sorry I can’t reply them personally one by one although I really want to because they’re all so supportive, but I really don’t have enough time :S I just need you to know that I love how caring you guys are :D and yes, I think I’ll tell him about it, he talks about my love life more often lately, I noticed, so maybe that’s a good sign? :P

2. I and the best friend couldn’t meet this week so guys/girls, you all have to wait for a week or so if you’re curious about how my relationship and him going on. We have to cancel the meet-up until I come back from Bali.

3. I’m sorry I can’t comment on your posts, I’ll be away for about a week, not that there’s no internet but I think I’ll be too busy having fun :P

4. Have a great days everyone! And WOW! I got some new followers! *waves hello! :D sorry I can’t visit your blogs anytime soon but I promise I will :) thank you for following dear followers :D

5. If I really win something like giveaway (I wish!l lol-since they’re everywhere in the blogsphere) please inform me here and/or via email tiara_purnomo(at) I’ll be checking every now and then, thank you!

6. I have a little question, as a blog readers, what kind of topic you actually like the best? Is it like a post with heaps of beautiful picture, a writing with thoughts, writing of daily life or… what? Lol. I’m just curious, I think I talk about my random private life too much here, haha.

7. Okay, I’m off. BALI! :P



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