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Bali Pic spam :P

Posted in moments in life, the best friend by littletiara on July 24, 2009

Thank you for welcoming me home dearies! Haha, blogging is one of the thing I miss the most when I was away, my friend brought her mini laptop but it just doesn’t feel quite the same, yeah, the feeling.

Here are some snaps I promised you earlier :) we visited so many beaches and lakes, lol, Bali is everything about water, huh?

Day I

at Lovina beach, north Bali, not like the famous Kuta beach, Lovina is way quieter, so tranquil :) a nice place to watch the sunset too :D




Day II



Lovina Beach again, morning. We’re heading to Denpasar after this. (Denpasar is the Bali’s capital)


on the way to Denpasar we visited Bedugul, a beautiful lake up the hills, chiillls! :P


finally Denpasar, Kuta street, looking for Hotel.


Sukowati traditional art market, shopping time! Bought some souvenirs there :)



Dreamland aka the new Kuta beach. Really beautiful with white sand :D





Day IV


@Bali Bombing monument :(

Day V


Well… you can see it, Hard Rock! :)

The picture from the last days are still being edited, lol. Only those two published, we spent the last two days at Kuta beach, so I am tan now, really :S. I really have to say this skin color doesn’t suit me, lol. I don’t have that exotic face so… :x

The flight back was so very early, lol. It was at 5am, so I don’t have the pic of us at the airport before we finally get back to Yogya, haha… the faces were still super sleepy, I have to keep my image good, right? :P


I changed my layout, do you like it? Doesn’t it look more matured and mysterious? Haha :P (no, I can’t do ballet whatsoever, lol. I just love the stock picture that I have to make a layout out of it)


Again, the best friend canceled/postponed the meet up, so my current state is annoyed/slightly angry at him. I think I’ll talk more about it in the next post, get ready for my ranting! :P


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