Little Tiara

let’s talk about the rain and the sun

Posted in moments in life, words of the brain by littletiara on July 26, 2009

I always have this problem of deciding what should I talk about in my post because I always have too many in mind. and also this problem of no connection between the title and what the post talks about.

I remember I promised you to talk about the best friend, that I was so angry when he canceled the meet up again yesterday.

So I did. I was so angry I replied his text so short. But then I remembered I was/will never able to get that angry to him. He’s done this before, I was so angry I cried but when I met him I couldn’t even put a frown. I’m so blah, right? It happened again yesterday, worse we didn’t even meet, we only chatted through facebook and I forgave him already.

I thought about why all day/night long and finally figured the answer out; I don’t want to ever waste our time together only to get uncomfortable. Am I wrong?

Okay, enough love story, I’ve been thinking about changing the domain to wordpress, because I can reply to each comment personally; that just sounds like a perfect blogging for me, but there, I can’t change my layout (well, I can but it’ll cost some $$ and I’m like changing my layout every 2 weeks so I’ll be poor if I really do that, lol) and there’s no ‘followers’ widget, do you think I should change it or not? I really like being close to my readers by answering their every comments :S.

p.s: I think I really will try wordpress soon, get ready? :P


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