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Still an enjoyable afternoon after all.

Posted in girl talk, moments in life, the best friend by littletiara on July 29, 2009

Finally met him yesterday and ah, I have to apologize for being so coward and easily satisfied; I didn’t say anything about our relationship, not even the 5th anniversary (yes, it’s been about 5 years friendship! D: with feelings everywhere…).

I don’t feel that bad, though.

Of course I hope I would’ve done more than just chatted and daydreamed and laughed and gossiped and all. But the easily satisfied self of me felt happy enough to spend times with him, cheesy? Yeah, I know… I even forgot what I’ve planned to do and where I wanted to go once I hopped on his car, he is the destination, nothing else mattered. (ah, it’s always like that every single time..)

Plus the atmosphere and the topics we were talking about were nothing near relationship and feelings, we talked about finances and business, lol. And daydreaming about our future jobs ;) I did give some hints, though. I’m good at giving hint, so when he said I can work with him, I said, he should work for me, lol. (was it me who gave him hint or he was the one gave me hint?)

We talked a lot, and I really enjoyed it, it’s been really a long time since we chatted that much, he really is one of the best listener who is able to hear all my dreams and react to them and (I hope) vice versa.

Currently, he wants to open a bakery, I’m on the way to be the CEO of an online bookstore (Since I am the founder of course I’m the CEO right? Lol). And I don’t know where they (bakery and online bookstore) connect one another, but one way or another we found that someday, we really should work together, that sounds like heaps of fun (for me, of course, and he was so enthusiast about this too).

btw, isn’t it funny how he wants to open a bakery? He can’t even cook!

He contacted me the day I came back from Bali, asking if I have an oven, well, honestly I don’t. The next day he called me informing he had baked the cakes/cookies (I don’t really understand what he cooked/baked/made though), all I know was they were all burnt, inedible and as hard (and black) as rock, lol. How could I not laugh?

He never seemed like a guy who ever step his feet in the kitchen anyway, and even if he does go to the kitchen, it would be only eggs/instant noodles I believe. In the end, he decided to hire someone to cook for the bakery, but me, imagining about cooking together with him made me smile :) I really would have heaps of good laugh time, lol. Maybe we really should do it someday.

I don’t remember what other hints I’ve said and he’d gave, I believe they were everywhere yesterday.

(oh, I remember one! He said I may own his BMW-when I showed him my driving license and asked him to buy me a car, yay! Haha xD)

p.s. I’m so sorry this is a long and imageless post but I didn’t have my camera with me yesterday :S

p.p.s Okay, I added a picture, wouldn’t it be perfect if we can actually make something like these? (gotta prepare for a darker/melting chocolate boy, though)


picture credits: soompi forums


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