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I love how these ads successfully show the true beauty of Indonesia. Made by Gudang garam, a huge cigarette company.


I had a nice day!

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I won this scarf from Tina {Luphia loves…} months ago, and well… you know how many times I’ve complained about how lame Indonesian postal service is so… however, the scarf was finally arrived today!


It’s so lovely! black and white with hearts print. I’m sure I can use it to any kind of occasion, and since today I was having a dinner with my friends, I of course had to show it off! Haha! =d

And I was just amazed of how creative I can be when I’m using something I love, lol.

Photo 306 look. I won this! Aha aha! :D

Photo 297Photo 298 the pictures were taken before I took a bath, so excuse the oily faces and lame expressions, lol. But the idea of making it a halter neck dress is kinda brilliant, haha.

Photo 317 after bath, make ups and hairdo (and a little touch of photoshop, of course, lol). Do I look different? At least I had my blush on in this pic. =d (I think I look like a meanie here)

Photo 332Photo 333Photo 334they were having fun by themselves while me and Nanette were cooking, so of course I had to interfere!

later on, I called Nanette to get out of the kitchen for a while, voila!

Photo 339 copybest picture of all, here come little miss sunshine!
left to right: Rian, Tiara, Nanette, Aline.

Today is just sooo perfect! Yes, I had the photo shoot (or maybe you can consider these pictures a photo shoot?) Will upload them soon –but the pictures are all in Nanette’s house! Grrh.

Whatever, I’m happy today, and just to show you how happy I am, here goes the picture as an authentic proof.

Photo 319

actually I and Aline was trying to make a flat face pose, failed, of course, lol. Aline was rolling on the floor laughing literally, well… you can see it in the mirror if you don’t believe me.

p.s it was Nanette’s room, the dinner was in her house, so the messy room is all hers! (right, mine is even messier, lol)

Listen, the Forgetful Tiara is Talking Here.

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Oh great, I forgot that I have a mission, final summer wishes. I forgot to tell you what my lists are, so I’ll tell you here and please pray for me so I can finish them all by the end of the month, lol.

1. Going to a village and enjoying the fresh green scenery.

2. Having a girly photo shoot with my girls.

3. Arrange a blogger meet up.

4. Touring in the city.

extra points for:

1. visit a colorful place like a kindergarten.

2. Having a reunion with my high school friends. or at least one friend.

3. Buy a balloon.

and girls, I’m having a new blog! (yeah, me…) sort of more personal for I’ll write anything more romance related there, of course I’ll still write about it here too-it’ll be incomplete without me talking about uhm… what do you call it? (about my feelings? right). here it is!

Basic RGBif you’re in much need of high dose romance, be sure to pop by :)

Gotta start doing one thing for the list now! Ciao! I’m off to the… easiest one, girly photo shoot with my girls!

Featured Artist: Casey O’connell

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I believe you all already know how romance freak I am, right? So when I saw these artworks of Casey, I instantly fell for them, there are some of her artworks I already used as the illustration in some of my posts, I love every details of it, the colors, the expression, the feeling I get, and especially the memories they bring, isn’t it wonderful how something so subtle can get you back in time?

Here are my top five:

deepaA Piston’s Fan

There’s something awfully beautiful in this picture, being scooped up in that kind of wedding style is one of my biggest dream, it’s heart warming, intimate and sweet, and Casey makes me crave more of it, lol. Thanks much God I’m not that heavy. Although if it were me on that pic, I wouldn’t close my eyes (except if I’m sleeping-that’s kind of another super romantic thing), I’d stare to his eyes and try my best to suppress my laughter, oh, maybe we’d laugh together. –one thing for sure, my cheeks would be red, that’s definite.

IMG_1684My Sugar

I don’t understand why a girl in pink dress always reminds me of myself, maybe I just think too cutely of myself, lol. I don’t really understand the pose but I take this one as piggyback one. Piggyback is definitely my daily daydream, I ask anyone to piggyback me, in fact, it’s one important aspect I look from a guy. Yes, I choose a guy from the way he piggybacks me. So far, my brother is the best piggyback-er, I have yet to ask the best friend to do it. :|

IMG_1608but we don’t dance

I always wants to dance with my special someone, the best friend isn’t really a good dancer, though-I think. but then, whatever. Slow dance is romantic, I dance wildly, of course, but I do want to know how to do slow dancing and grasp the intimacy of being so close in rhythm ( I talk about slow dancing, okay?)

IMG_1289 The Transfer

Gray-pink/red combo is my favorite of all, and look at the boy’s eyes, isn’t he looking at her sweetly? This painting was my desktop wallpaper for weeks. I don’t actually understand what or why, but I found this picture the sweetest.


good red good purple, call me if you need me

this painting is the winner! It’s been my desktop wallpaper for… I don’t know how long, this reminds me of me and the best friend. I’ve said that little girl in pink dress reminds me of myself, right? Brown isn’t really his color but… it’s stunning how the last time I met him he was wearing shades and had a little facial hair (he forgot to shave he said-and I didn’t mind, he looked hot), and the color oh the color! I remember I’ve said that red and purple is his favorite color, right?

Doing that pose, holding out the glass, is just so… me.

and girls, guess what? Yes, I succeeded asking Casey of what inspired her of this winning painting, here’s what she said (well, typed…)

“grgpcmiynm is what my mom would say to my sister and i every night when she tucked us in. i think about that whenever i feel really safe.”

isn’t that nice? After hearing (eh, reading) her statement I suddenly feel safe and warm when I see this picture, lol =d

p.s I’ve given the cupcakes to him! And yeah, now I know where he lived =d should make it a post later, I think.

p.p.s notice the new banner on the side? Yes, I created a blog dedicated to… well, love letters. I think I should start posting all my major romance-related story there so you won’t get bored. If you’re as hardcore romance fan as me, I think you’ll love it (well, I hope)

He can read my mind! This is scary! D:

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Remember when I told you that the best friend is having a fever and act like a little boy? He still does, according to what he told me he’s got a headache and is still feeling weak, and he wants a cupcake (because he doesn’t know what is it while I kept talking about how much I want it). –what kind of person doesn’t know cupcake these day? And he wanted to open a bakery!

So yesterday I planned to visit him, buy him a cupcake and maybe give him some books to read for he is lately love reading more than he ever did *shrugs, (actually I planned to read him some pages, I love doing that)

there was a problem, though, a HUGE problem-I don’t know where his house is! It makes me feel kind of sad, after all this time I never know his house, sure he knows mine since he fetches me home often.

So the plan cancelled, well, postponed. –I planned to ask my other friends about where his house is without being so suspicious, that’s the hardest part.

And today when we texted one another, he said “you should come here and give me a cupcake”

oh, greatness.

I should’ve, I really should’ve done it and he would love it and maybe we’d have a better day and maybe he would feel at least a little better.

When I’m older

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IMG_1553painting by the wonderful Casey O’connell

when I’m older,
& my child asked me who my first love was
I don’t want to have to pull out the old photo album,

I want to be able to point across the room & say,
”he’s sitting right over there”.

p.s isn’t that painting give you a warm feeling?

I’m giddy

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1. Mika’s 2nd album “The boy who knew too much” is going to be out soon! Like very soon! :D *squeals (and it’s his birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKA!)

2. The lollipop finally came today! yay! thank you dear Rad! :D I promise I’ll make a post especially dedicated to this present :d soon, really.

3. I chatted with the best friend again today, he’s having a fever and acted like a little boy, how cute! x) –and we’re going to meet, soon, yay!

4. Dad brought home the salad I’ve been craving for just right after I made it my facebook status. :P

5. I forgot what am I giddy about, but I do, lol :P

Oh, great…

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The new widget was causing troubles, such as taking longer to load or worse, freezes computers, and as one faithful reader of costumer satisfaction books (yes yes, I do read them), I think I need to take it of, and then, the worse part happened, how the hell is it to take it off?


and now I have to go during weekend, I’m quite sure I can’t sleep well as I can’t stop thinking about this bloggy problem, I might as well dream about it, hufft.

I need to font back to my favorite one! Century gothic it is. Ah, gotta take a bath now! x(

edit: I’ve fixed it, with the consequence: I lost every comment in the previous post, not only that, you can’t even find a way to leave a comment there, greatness.

moral of the story: don’t be too greedy, really.

oh, wait, I shouldn’t leave you with this kind of post (as I’ll spend my weekend in the village, remember when I talked about the Uni program named KKN? Yes yes, it’s started already :D I think I should give you a little story instead, wait a while I have one in my draft…

tied dow smalln

red and purple are his favorite colors, thus I made it so. Seems like I’m falling too hard for him, huh?

Once upon a time, there were two best friends did an adventure in the town to look for purple lace for their converse shoes, turned out it was so hard to find, of course this story must ended happily, after a long journey from one shoe shop to another, finally they found the laces, the darker ones for him and the pale purple for her.

and they live happily ever after :)

*I remember clapping stupidly when we finally found the laces, lol.

Nice idea

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eRzxOQo1Loss6nvqMESkkhNDo1_500 Somewhere between all our laughs, long talks, stupid little fights, & jokes,
I fell in love

pictures and quote found via soompi

p.s I found a new widget for [reply]-ing to your every comments, let’s see if this one works :) don’t forget to leave your site link and email :D

Some more facts about me

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I have this old organizer I found today, I kept it since I was in Junior High until high school, and there’s one section where I asked my friends to write what they think about me, let’s see… Since Abby tagged me in this game, and I feel like I’ve talked about myself too much lately (lol, blame the tag games! :P) so today’s about me features my friends’ version of what they think about me :D

1. She loves to pinch people

I do! lol. I don’t even know why, one’s hand/arms are just too tempting to be pinched, I do it to anyone close to me-I’ve been famous for this one bad habit, lol.

2. When she doesn’t have enough time to put on a make up it’s disastrous.

but don’t worry, I do it quite fast, 10 minutes is enough, depend on what the occasion is and where am I going to go and with who, right. lol. But yeah, when I do have no time at all to do it, it’s gonna be a disastrous day for I’d whine all day long.

3. She can’t walk straight.

I don’t understand sometimes how I can step on my own feet or walk zigzag-ly, that’s just one precious piece of art, I think, lol :P

4. She has bunch of crazy ideas, unfortunately only 10% or less come true.

My brain just can’t stop thinking, that’s why. :P and I’m just a little lazy girl, ah.

5. It’s hard to talk about serious matter with her.

Hey, this was long time ago, but right, I don’t like talking seriously. Guh, this is also a bad habit as I do joke around when I’m in the class with teachers and stuffs/ meeting with important people about important-serious matter.

6. She laughs for any kind of jokes, even when it’s not funny at all.

I just have to, right? I’m also easily contented, it’s not that hard to make me laugh, sometimes I just find it funny in jokes people find dry, hmm… my weird taste?

7. She talks without thinking.

And that should be why I often felt guilty, ah. But I’ve learned the lesson. I think a lot before talking now. :S


and I decided to join Bug’s challenge of final summer wishes. I have to make a list of what I want to do to end this summer (although it’s more likely an endless summer here in Indonesia) 4 things to do, so I can do one each week.

Terms and Conditions: Create a list consisting of four activities (a week to complete each one) that are summer-related. They must be completed by the last day of August. Each activity must be documented on the blog with pictures, writing, etc. If you go above and beyond and complete your bonus activities, well then you had one fabulous summer!

Any ideas of what you guys want me to do? Haha… come on, give me any idea! I have go to the beach, act like a tourist in my own city, have a colorful day with lollipop and balloons… what else do you guys think I can do?

p.s Guh! I really want to go to All American Reject concert in Jakarta as my friend Nanette offers me a freepass. Should I go or not? Hmm… :S

p.p.s lol. I ask too much in this post.