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honest scrap award

Posted in girl talk, tag by littletiara on August 1, 2009

say “yay” for another award!

YAY! *lol

so the cute and uber talented (she can both bake delicious cookies and tae kwon do!, how cool) Aimee from here gave me this award, honest scrap award.


and here’s the rules (well, I simply copy-pasted it from her blog)

  • I must reveal 10 facts about myself in my blog that no one knows.
  • I then tag 10 more bloggers.
  • I also must notify these bloggers with a little comment and hope that they link back to my blog when they post!

and so, here is my list (I do listing kind of too often, I think, lol)

1. I am spoiled

My parents are surely spoil me, with the maids and all, I am pretty much like that spoiled little girl you can find in the TV with less pink stuffs (damn, my room was even pink too!). But don’t worry, I’ve grown up :) and I know when to act annoying and when to not.

2. My friends in high school were mostly guys


including the best friend, I, who is naturally flirty, enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by guys. Oh, I see you flinched but that’s the fact, I’m being honest here.

3. I fired the last maid in my home


because she stole my clothes and money (and my mom’s watch and God knows what else), who she thinks she’s playing with? I may not angry every now and then but once I’m angry, get the hell out of my sight, please.

4. I love doing graphic art

But I still can’t find my very own style :S I change from one to another, like these are the examples:

jindi2 copy



get together2

right? They aren’t even similar one another.

5. My online bookstore is 90% done

I can’t wait for the opening! Well, although I’ll only sell it nationally at first, but I’ll surely show it off here later, lol. So wait for the good news!

6. I can cook, wash dishes and do the laundry

But I hate ironing, the heat and all… I don’t like it one bits, this leads to my 7th honesty…

7. I love using messy clothes

I mean, the clothes with messy fabric which no matter how hard you try to iron it, it’ll always be messy, lol. Then I won’t have to ever iron it, right? :P

8. I am a materialistic girl

By materialistic I mean I love anything good looking, pretty and all. Even the best friend kept telling me that I shouldn’t care about money this much, he advised me to have more ‘feelings’

9. The one I have feelings for thinks I have no feeling at all


Yes, the best friend, I think I’ve explained about this in the #8 honesty. :) sometimes he can be just that plain stupid, doesn’t this make him the one with no feeling?

10. I want to be a couple like my mom and dad do

I often ponder about how matching my mom and dad is, my mom is as childish and spoiled as me (if not more) and my dad, being the dad of the house is like having three kids instead of two (yes, add my mom in). And sometimes, I just think they’re like the cutest couple ever! :P

and I tag all of you who haven’t done it, really, I think everyone does already, lol.

credits goes to


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