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it’s seriously unhealthy

Posted in girl talk by littletiara on August 6, 2009

This could be a very helpful post for those who is after me since I’m gonna talk about some aspects that make guys look sexier than he is:

1. A guy with camera is HOT

Milo VentimigliaI don’t know why, is it my love for art/photography, or for the SLR camera looks expensive; guys with camera always drawn my attention.

Hottest moment: When he puts that certain focused look on his face and care not about the other but his object, that’s smoking!

2. When you can pull off a hat, you’re sexy

Milo VentimigliaBoys I know usually use hat when they had their so called bad hair day, haha (it’s funny since I never thought they would care to have one). Little did they know, when they can really pull it off, I secretly adore them.

Hottest moment: When his hair is a bit too long to his own liking and you put a hat/cap to cover them.

3. Naughty smirk

milo-ventimiglia-03-2006-12-14 Bad boys always have their own way to win my heart, one very good thing about them is how bad boy-ish their smile look, so bad that I categorized it as a smirk. Yes, that kind of smile with something hidden inside-usually a bad idea, well, I love it anyways.

Hottest moment: well, when he smirks.

4. A guy who can play along with little children is ‘aww…’

I can’t find any pictures but yeah, it always makes me go ‘aww’ whenever I see a guy playing with little kids, that’s gonna make him a good papa ;)

Hottest moment: When he smiles and the children also smile, that’s perfection.

Anyone notice that all pictures here are Milo Ventimiglia’s? Yes, this leads to my final result:

5. If you’re Milo Ventimiglia

frca20080702b 011Call me please! Or leave a comment below, or you can also contact me through email. Anything. lol.

Hottest moment: When you have mixed blood of italian, irish, cherokee and some other nationality and named Milo Ventimiglia, you’re effing hot.

so hot that only Jensen Ackles can beat you-sometimes.



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