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Some more facts about me

Posted in girl talk, tag by littletiara on August 11, 2009

I have this old organizer I found today, I kept it since I was in Junior High until high school, and there’s one section where I asked my friends to write what they think about me, let’s see… Since Abby tagged me in this game, and I feel like I’ve talked about myself too much lately (lol, blame the tag games! :P) so today’s about me features my friends’ version of what they think about me :D

1. She loves to pinch people

I do! lol. I don’t even know why, one’s hand/arms are just too tempting to be pinched, I do it to anyone close to me-I’ve been famous for this one bad habit, lol.

2. When she doesn’t have enough time to put on a make up it’s disastrous.

but don’t worry, I do it quite fast, 10 minutes is enough, depend on what the occasion is and where am I going to go and with who, right. lol. But yeah, when I do have no time at all to do it, it’s gonna be a disastrous day for I’d whine all day long.

3. She can’t walk straight.

I don’t understand sometimes how I can step on my own feet or walk zigzag-ly, that’s just one precious piece of art, I think, lol :P

4. She has bunch of crazy ideas, unfortunately only 10% or less come true.

My brain just can’t stop thinking, that’s why. :P and I’m just a little lazy girl, ah.

5. It’s hard to talk about serious matter with her.

Hey, this was long time ago, but right, I don’t like talking seriously. Guh, this is also a bad habit as I do joke around when I’m in the class with teachers and stuffs/ meeting with important people about important-serious matter.

6. She laughs for any kind of jokes, even when it’s not funny at all.

I just have to, right? I’m also easily contented, it’s not that hard to make me laugh, sometimes I just find it funny in jokes people find dry, hmm… my weird taste?

7. She talks without thinking.

And that should be why I often felt guilty, ah. But I’ve learned the lesson. I think a lot before talking now. :S


and I decided to join Bug’s challenge of final summer wishes. I have to make a list of what I want to do to end this summer (although it’s more likely an endless summer here in Indonesia) 4 things to do, so I can do one each week.

Terms and Conditions: Create a list consisting of four activities (a week to complete each one) that are summer-related. They must be completed by the last day of August. Each activity must be documented on the blog with pictures, writing, etc. If you go above and beyond and complete your bonus activities, well then you had one fabulous summer!

Any ideas of what you guys want me to do? Haha… come on, give me any idea! I have go to the beach, act like a tourist in my own city, have a colorful day with lollipop and balloons… what else do you guys think I can do?

p.s Guh! I really want to go to All American Reject concert in Jakarta as my friend Nanette offers me a freepass. Should I go or not? Hmm… :S

p.p.s lol. I ask too much in this post.


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