Little Tiara

I’m giddy

Posted in moments in life by littletiara on August 18, 2009


1. Mika’s 2nd album “The boy who knew too much” is going to be out soon! Like very soon! :D *squeals (and it’s his birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKA!)

2. The lollipop finally came today! yay! thank you dear Rad! :D I promise I’ll make a post especially dedicated to this present :d soon, really.

3. I chatted with the best friend again today, he’s having a fever and acted like a little boy, how cute! x) –and we’re going to meet, soon, yay!

4. Dad brought home the salad I’ve been craving for just right after I made it my facebook status. :P

5. I forgot what am I giddy about, but I do, lol :P


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