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On your mark, get set, go!

Posted in moments in life, words of the brain by littletiara on September 1, 2009

Anyone misses me? Haha, I spent my weekend at Nanette’s house, basically her house is our base camp, that’s why. She lives in a good big house with only her sister and maid so we don’t have to be shy there, haha… her sister is just as crazy as us. =d

So based on the western calendar, summer is officially over and… great, where’s my post about my summer wish list? The pictures are still in Nanette’s computer and the soonest I can meet her again is next week so I think I failed, lol.

But hey! It’s an endless summer here in Indonesia so I decided to still do them all. I’ve visited the village and enjoy the greenery and has the pics with me! At least I have one thing done ;d

_1030116_1030102cop _1030105cop_1030132cop

Not so green, eh? The next week we went there all the paddy field were yellow! It’s harvest time! :D

By the way, school started last week, it reminds me that I am on my last year here, and that I have to work hard, so I settled my goals yesterday (when I skipped a class I decided to go to the library, that was how I remember I have to finish all this classes soon).

1. Get the online bookstore opened soon.

logo this logo still need some fixing, I’m doing it right now so I can start it as the office is now already ready, a-ha! Money here I come! :d

2. Get graduated


Of course, I have to finish this all first, or else I’ll be distracted between making money and studying. I have no intention to continue my study, yet. Career is my aim now.

3. Buy a car


-with my own money. My target is this white vw new beetle. I don’t think I’ll buy the convertible one, though. For it’s already too hot without summer here, lol.


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