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half giveaway. Win UGG Boots!

Posted in giveaway by littletiara on September 5, 2009

So, Alicia from Whooga Ugg Boots, offered me something.

What? Oh, what is that something?


She asked me if I could help her promote her giveaway, and I said of course! so guys, can you too help me doing it? It’ll give you a lot of fun thing, I’ll tell you how and why.

Why fun:

By doing this, you’ll automatically be entered for the draw to get a pair of this lovely ugg boots. The free ugg boots competition draw is done every month, and if you leave the badge on after the draw you will automatically be entered into the next monthly draw as long as the competition continues.

How fun and easy is that? So if you don’t win this month, just keep putting the badge on your site and you’ll be entered into the next next next next months draw! :D

and also the very time you joined this competition/giveaway you’ll get 15% discount in the store!

plus, they shipped internationally so the winner can be anyone anywhere! And you can pick whichever is your pair of ugg boots, they look so warm, aren’t they? Plus they’re available in so many colors and some different types.

uk-P102-CS-Violetb uk-P101-CT-Pink-3-big uk-P101-CT-Sand-2-big uk-P102-CS-Chestnut-2-big


it’s really very easy. Just go here, and follow the instruction of how to put the badge on your site.

I’d be really thankful if you tell your friends about this half giveaway so they can see this post and click on the link.

and I think once I got 40 people joining, I’ll host my own giveaway! Yay!

and talking about giveaway, Nikolett is also having a giveaway to celebrate her 50th post, check it out! ;D


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