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Another love story

Posted in girl talk, moments in life by littletiara on September 11, 2009

This one post, is finally not dedicated to the best friend. Of course, as much romantic girl as I am as loyal too, I couldn’t help but having a little crushes here and there while I am loving dear best friend, so here it goes, my another unrequited love story.


I have actually posted about this guy way back then, I just suddenly remember him today that I have to write about him (again).

Once upon a time, there was this Japanese guy studied Indonesian cultures. He spent almost two years in Indonesia (if I remember correctly). It’s not something that wonderful, though. As I am studying in the faculty of cultural science, there are a lot of foreigner students here in my campus.

The case was that I liked him.

We did constant gazing whenever we meet, but never really said anything.

Days went by and one day I saw him at the graduation, so he finally did finish his study, even until the graduation day we’ve never shared a single word.

That was only simple little crush, alright?

Until one day, when I thought I’ve already forgotten about him, when I thought he had gone back to his country, he came again. I was surprised, so I ran to the toilet to hide my crimson red cheeks. I ran, I literally did.

And when I finally could control my heartbeat, I went out of the toilet, only to find him standing there, in front of the toilet. My friends told me he was there since he saw me runaway (lol, isn’t it kinda creepy to wait outside the toilet? lmfao)

I didn’t know what to do, so I just smiled, he replied.


that was all.

The next day he went back to Japan.

So dear fellow Japanese, if you happen to know this guy named Sho Suzuki, tell him “Hi” from me.

p.s. I’m not really good on writing a mellow post, aren’t I? lol.


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