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Posted in girl talk, words of the brain by littletiara on September 25, 2009

Yes, this is yet another post! I feel like blogging much lately. And you know what? I featured a lot of you here in this post!

You all know how much I love daydreaming about my marriage, right? I remember I’ve talked about how I want lollipops for my pre wedding shots. I think I would want even more balloons and candies and fluffed animals. (Now, where should I put my future hubby?)

I also remember telling you all how I want to invite you all to my wedding, right? It would be fun, meeting my virtual friends in reality, get them know each other, I really am serious about this. Internet is a big part of my life, my internet friends are too. So dear, I’m not just daydreaming here, I’m planning.

I’ll get as much money as possible, save up, tell my future hubby about it and he really should must understand this. Next, I’ll just book a flight, send each and every one of you the ticket and wait patiently for the plane to come :) I’ve even found the suitable bus to take you from the airport to the hotel.

Wait, I’ve even decided which hotel you all will spend your nights. It’s The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta.

Actually I don’t really like how this picture make the hotel looks all grand, it’s grand, but unlike other modern hotels, this one has a really strong cultural feeling inside, and knowing me, the culture lover, you should understand why I chose this hotel. :d and I really love their swimming pool. I hope they’ll stay like this for at least five years.

Now, how cool do you think it’ll be to have:

the insomniac lolita,  Andhari to sing rap me the wedding song, what is it called? Bridal chorus? Ha! Dear insomniac lolita, maybe you can spare your insomniac time practicing this one special song for me? :P I hope she’ll have enough sleep before my wedding day.

Sarah (where on earth is she, though) and/or photojoy, to have a speech in Japanese and Kym in engrish which she’s mastering. That’s gonna be cool to have a Multilanguage wedding speech, mwahaha.

The toothfairy to make sure that I won’t have a toothache on my wedding and/or wedding night. Wouldn’t that be awful?

The stylish Clara Devi and Tina {luphia} to help me choose my dress, you know I’m not so experienced in this kind of thing. I always love weird looking dresses that gonna make me stand out, but since I’m the bride of course I’ll be stand out, right?

Abby and Manju to tell me funny stories so I won’t cry my heart out of nervousness, I’m pretty sure I’ll at least running up and down or fidgeting the whole two days before the wedding day. Prepare me your funniest stories girls, I might not even smile for I will be too nervous.

Anya and her cutest cat ever Kareltje will do keep me entertained as I love cat more than anything, I just hope he wouldn’t scratch me or I’ll hate him forever, lol. No way I can hate a cat, though.

Lisa, Mel, Emily and Nikolett can take turn to calm me down with their sweet and soothing words when I start act crazy and think crazily like imagining an earthquake happening when it doesn’t or act like the sky is falling down upon my head, or a giant dragon kidnap my dear future hubby, or well… anything that crazy.

And of course Dionne to help me organizing all blogger friends, since she’s so talented on doing a meet ups and arranging an events. I’m sure I’ll need heaps of her help. Wait, I think I’ll need her in the calming me down section too. Thus, I think she’ll need help, Jessica to the rescue! (more like rescuing me than Dionne, though.)

Katie, I’ve decided to contact her as soon as I know when my wedding is, she’s gonna be one of my photographer, of course. For my pre wedding pictures and all. I’m sure she and her ideas going to make my wedding a big ball of fun.

Jessica leigh, Kristen Sara, Kenna Christensen, Sheri, Lilize, Namine, Lilu, Khaay; girls, we really do need to get closer, I can’t find suitable job for you. Tell me, what would you like to do to help me on my wedding day? Buy me heaps of candies so I can get sugar high? That sounds like a good idea, toothfairy will be there anyway. Haha. (She’ll scold me for having such a sweet tooth, oh!)

Rad and Sebastian, don’t worry guys, you are, of course, invited. Well, only if none of you propose me, that would make you the groom instead of a guest, which one is better? Wait, the boys haven’t got any job to do, it’s unfair, I’ll think about it tonight, don’t worry boys, I won’t leave you jobless.

Did I miss your name? I’m so sorry, maybe we’re just not close enough? But that doesn’t make you out of list :D Tell me, I’ll think of what job I can give you.

For once, I feel like bossing around. No girls/guys. I wasn’t serious about all those jobs, haha, I’ll be a good host and accompany you touring around *wink.

Aren’t I a really neat person? I’ve got them all planned! Honeymoon? To Bora bora island I come! :D


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