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hot post for a hot day

Posted in moments in life by littletiara on October 19, 2009

As promised, I post today :) just so I can provide you some stories before I have to go back to my pile of homework, thesis and go to the place where internet isn’t really exist.

This is a HOT day, 38 degree here, and even for us Indonesian, it is too much. The sky was clear which means cloudless which means no cloud which means no single cloud was seen, scary.

And oh another hotness, I decided to go on a shopping spree after the announcement of future torturous internet-less days (or worse, months) to de-stress myself. I planned to buy a pair of shoes and/or a jeans pants, for I think I’m running out on one already, things didn’t go as it planned, though. Instead, I spent my bucks on a shirt, and bras.

carlo pieroni pinup3.ashx

Have I told you I love buying underwear? Haha, so I bought two pieces of bras today, and I love it, so much. Too much that I just had to tell my cousin about it. And that was when the perfect hot day turned out hotter.

I’ve been so used to text my cousin whenever I have something in mind, let’s pretend that his name is Bear, his name is the first one on the B list, all I have to do with my phone after I finished typing was to press “B” and send it, so that was what I exactly did earlier today, only to see the report “Message was sent to Bass”.

Apparently, Bass‘ number replaced Bear as the the 1st name in B list, for it is sorted alphabetically, as$%^$#786%$jgd$%#$!!!!! Goddammit! Bass is my new friend, I added his number to my phone only a couple of days ago, whom I will spend the next two internet-less months with every weekend.

And here goes my message:

Bwahaha *is laughing in joy* I went shopping today and I bought some new bras, yay! *is happy*

So girls, enjoy your laugh while I dig a hole to bury myself. I’m dying from embarrassment. I even think it can be considered as a TMI Thursday post. although yes, it is not Thursday yet.

Just in case you didn’t notice, Bass is a boy. I’m dead meat. *face palm*

Epic fail.


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