Little Tiara

Chin up!

Posted in moments in life, words of the brain by littletiara on October 21, 2009

In two hours, I will be isolated from all technology goodies and forced to do some good deeds to the country, my university, and of course, myself. Being without internet is hard, because it means living five days without you all by my side (or in front of me-well… you know, the screen is in front of me) but I promise, I will keep our happy memories forever in my hear.

Thank you.


Alright! LOL. I’ve said it dramatically, did it sound good? I mean, depressing enough? Ah, of course being without you guys isn’t my favorite state, but on the lighter (and brighter) note, I met some new friends too (remember baby? He’s included). And we have some festival to hold, and some guests to be welcomed.

Right, maybe you’re all confused of what the hell am I talking about? This is about the duty I have to do to be graduated, remember I told you about spending times in the village? Yes, this is it. It was planned to be held in July-August, but it was postponed, thus I went to Bali instead, remember? So now I’m doing it. Spending two months in the village.

Next Sunday there’ll be some important people from Thailand and Indonesian cultural department visiting the village, so we have to get ready for this!

And by the way, my new friends in this project are nothing but crazy, sure there are some silent people too, but they’re not bad either :) We have two photographers, one guitarist, and a whole bunch of joker, so I guess… I can mend this broken heart, lol.

I’ll still miss you all anyway, and I still have one musical tag game from the toothfairy to do, I’ll do it once I get back from the village, I promise :D

Now wish me luck on living five days without internet, hahaha. I’ll be back on monday! Wait for me and miss me :P


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