Little Tiara

Oh my mommy!

Posted in girl talk, moments in life, the best friend by littletiara on November 2, 2009

She’s so adorable! Haha.


My auntie was going to Mecca last week, to go hajj, well… if you want to know, it’s something what we Muslim do, and she asked me if I want her to pray me on something, well… actually I’ve written a page of prayer list, lol. Like graduating soon and get an enjoyable job.

That was it until my mom asked, “don’t you want to get together with TBF (read: The best friend)?”

and there I was speechless.

As far as I knew, I thought my mom only thought that me and the best friend were only best friends (which practically was right, lol), so how the hell did she find it out? I don’t know.

And it is concluded, she has chosen the future son in law for herself, yes yes my dear best friend, you’re kinda doomed. lol.


and how long has it been since the last time I talked about him? Oh I actually miss this kind of topic! :P and I miss him too, I have to say, damnit, almost a month since the last time I saw him in person. *pouts*


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