Little Tiara

I’m here! I’m here!

Posted in moments in life, the best friend by littletiara on December 7, 2009
So I disappeared yes. I just had too much things to handle, lol. But now I’m back, for good, I think :P

Not really in the mood to make a detailed story, I’ll just do make one of my favorite thing; list, yeah. Hahaha…

1. The living in the village had finally over, say “yay” with me! Lol. At least the suffering things had gone away, haha.

2. I went to my high school friend’s wedding yesterday, with my classmates including the best friend, and he was a little bit more touchy than he usually is yesterday, don’t ask me why, ask him. Lol. I’m not gonna lie, I loved it :P

3. It’s his birthday tomorrow and I still don’t know what to give, I think I’ll just ask him out adventuring the city if the weather is good, he’s busy managing his shop, though. (remember that he wanted to open a shop? So he apparently made a sandwich shop, he gave up baking cookies, lol.).

4. He asked me out! Not like this is a big thing since we usually randomly hanging out, but he asked me out to a VW parade!!! Which practically means three of my favorite things jumbled up together; riding my favorite car around my favorite city with my favorite boy! Oh oh oh, I still can’t help smiling imagining this. Haha..

What else to say here? Hmm… Oh, since the stressing time (read: village life) had passed, I think I’m getting a lot of inspiration, got a bunch of writing ideas and also drawing ideas, ahh… now life is quite wonderful eh? Although yes, I still have to finish my thesis, uh-oh! I have to finish uni by 2010!

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