Little Tiara

Yeay! :D

Posted in moments in life by littletiara on December 9, 2009

if you were about to read littletiara blog, yes you’re on the right site. I’ve just changed my layout again. I’ve missed the feeling of coding so… yeah, I changed this layout a little here and there but my time is limited, I wanted to change the whole layout actually, make it a little bit more me, I’ll just do it soon, I guess.

Here are some newest news from me:

1. I just deleted, no, deactivated my facebook account, so Dionne, Sarah and Abby, if you can’t find me in facebook that doesn’t mean I deleted you, I’ve just deleted myself, lol. Privacy issue girls, I hate it when people starts thinking and gossiping just based on what they see in our facebook status, blah.

2. I changed my layout, obviously, lol.

3. The exams are drawing near and I don’t like it a bit, lol. Whatever, I just have to pass it, right? Just like any other exams in my previous life. haha.

4. Anyone have a plan on what to do on new year? Or has anyone make a resolution yet? Mine is of course including get graduated, my goals hasn’t changed since forever, ugh.

5. I lost my windows life writer and I hate it, and that should be one reason why I blog a little less often than I used to, I have a lot in mind but I like it to write on WLW first :( I think I need to re-install it ASAP.

6. I’ll be off for shopping some new shoes (yay!) and go to a beauty saloon right after I post this one, so everyone, have a nice day! :D


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