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Have you ever…

Posted in moments in life by littletiara on December 16, 2009

Tripped on a durian?

Wait, what? You don’t know what durian is???

it is this fruit.


Last night I tripped on it, and it was painful. LOOK! It’s all spiky! And tripped on it was really… painful, if that even a right word to express the pain. I think tripping on a durian would likely be tripping on a hedgehog.

But of course tripping on a durian is better, because it tastes good (if you eat it on a right amount, not too much…).

I love the fact that durian is one huge fruit that one shouldn’t eat it by themselves, thus whenever my dad buy this fruit me and my mom will join, like a small family gathering to eat this fruit. You know, it’s getting rare for us the get the chance to sit together and eat something and chat.

Have you ever eat durian? Do you like it? *grins* it is forbidden in some places, though. Because of its strong smell. It even once be a challenge in fear factor! Lmfao, if I were one of the contestant I was sure I would win the game! Haha… but then my dad would beat me. He loves durian more than I do.

So Mr. Durian, I forgave you, but later step put of the way, please. It’s still painful to trip on you after all.

p.s. lol, what kind of a nonsensical post is it?


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