Little Tiara

Do you like it?

Posted in creaking creativity, girl talk, moments in life by littletiara on December 22, 2009


testing out the new layout

it seems to have a problem with ‘enter’ button, ah… a little troublesome but I’ll fix them all soon. (or at least the ones in the front page :P) I love making it look so personalized, that’s why I still try to fix it; usually I am a very picky person, yes, picky and lazy person.

This time though, I’m gonna try to make things look good, although I’m pretty sure I’ll later change the layout again (or at the very least the header).

In other news, my mom bought me an electric oven yesterday, and I’m meeting the best friend this weekend, I promised him to bring one thing I baked, any idea? A simple one?

I’m giving myself the last chance this time; if I still can’t use it properly I’ll just force my heart and brain to forget about me and his happy ending, I’ve given myself too much chances, I shouldn’t wait forever for one guy.

ps: I’m so in love with this new layout! I especially love my personalized header, right, I made it myself and I am proud of it, really proud of it. I should add to my 2o1o resolution to not change layout for at least a year, really. It’s a part of my identity!


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