Little Tiara

Of Christmas and love confession

Posted in girl talk, moments in life, the best friend by littletiara on December 26, 2009


Well I know the image isn’t really christmas-y. lol. But at least it has red, green and white there :)

I’m going to  (hopefully) meet him today, and (hopefully again) will have enough courage to tell him how I’m feeling. I’ll tell you the details later, how it went and all, honestly though, I am not sure if I’ll do it. But I am left with no chance, I think I’ll just tell and go, and no, not kiss and tell.

But maybe if I’m lucky I can wish for tell and kiss and go. lol.

But (again), this is what I think will happen:

1. We’re gonna have a random talk: Talk and talk and talk more about random stuff.
2. …
3. That’s all folks. Only random stuff.

next thing happened would be me blogging about how coward-ish I am but how I am still feel so grateful that we can meet today and blah blah blah the excuse.

I am so predictable, not cool.

You all know how many times I’ve done it already. How many times I’ve drawn myself from telling him, heck, I’ve said it since… early this year, and now? Man! We’re nearing the end of 2009 already!

So I’m going to grab all my nerves and anxiety and yell at him,


It’s annoying, torturing, and yet still can put a smile on my face, it’s crazy!

It’s crazy how I know I have no slightest chance but I keep on loving you, it’s crazy how I waste my days daydreaming about you, it’s crazy how sweaty my palm can be every single time I hold my cell phone to call you… (to be continued)”

That sounds good, but I’m not sure if I can do it… (maybe I’ll just ask him to read this post, that’d be enough, lol)

*sigh* so let’s see what kind of story I’ll tell you by Monday, or Sunday if you’re lucky.

But hey, I still want to wish you the merriest christmas of all! :D



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