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Posted in creaking creativity, girl talk, the best friend by littletiara on January 6, 2010

To say that I started 2010 with a hit is almost an understatement, everything seems so dreamy and whimsical to me, I mean… every single thing! Not only that confession day but the whole six days I’ve been through.

I gotta say that I never actually spend my New Year’s Eve outside the house, frankly, I spent my last three NYE in bed, it was whether I fell sick, raining hard outside or I was just simply too lazy. But this year started differently, I got out of the bed, leaving the comfort zone to a more fun place, with friends and lots of fireworks.

Me confessing my feeling to the best friend was indeed one of the hugest step, bravest act I’ve ever encountered. Even until now I still can’t believe I really did it. Every morning when I wake up I ponder that it’s another new day, and I wasn’t just dreaming or being delusional, all really happened.

Another huge step is this giveaway thing, my artwork finally being undiscovered, little by little.

So today I’ve decided to answer some questions about my artwork:

What inspires you when you make those drawings/paintings?

Organised Chaos:
What kind of things inspire your artwork ?

They kind of ask me a same question, right? Great minds think alike? ;)

My artwork is purely an imagination doing which most of all based on my feelings. When I’m feeling blue I’ll draw something kind of gloomy with gray colors and darker tone, and when I’m madly in love, you know how it’ll turns out to be, pink and all. lol.

My friends inspire me too, real things that happened in real life, and my thoughts about it. Basically it’s a brain and heart work, hehe.

Rika Safrina:
how long have you been drawing, and how did it start?

How long have you been an artist? Do you remember the first thing you created?

I learned drawing years ago when I was in the 5th grade, my friend taught me. She was such a blessing to me, she helped me find my artistic way, I wouldn’t be the same without her. She was an artist herself, and I think she saw the talent(?) in me, so she taught me, how to make nice line, curves, colors, gradations and all. Whenever she knew a drawing competition she signed me up, so I got used to it; that was how.

The first thing I created?
I don’t really remember, honest. It was almost more than ten years ago I believe. lol. I think it’s something about plane, because well… the first drawing competition I participated in was held by Garuda Indonesia, Indonesian national airlines.


– What are some of your favorite artworks that youv’e made?

My favorites? I love all my artworks, but I love it more when I can make what I have in mind into a real piece, here are some:

get together2
I believe some of you had seen it before. It was made when I missed someone (Geez, and you should also know who he is), I felt him getting distant and I couldn’t help but missing him.

I just love how magical this picture can be, all the fireflies glow and the colors captured what I wanted to make perfectly. Before I made this I’ve been planning and plotting for days in my head, once I got my hands on my wacom bamboo and started drawing I just felt absorbed to it, once finished I felt so… accomplished.

Second question from her…

Do you find it easier to express yourself in words, in artworks, or by speaking your thoughts out loud?

in artworks I must say, everything can be so ambiguous here, and yet hold a lot of meaning. Not forgetting how heart and brain work so in-sync when I’m drawing, actually I often surprised myself at how my artworks turn out.

Though, not all people understand language of painting, and how a drawing can be so multi-interpreted.

Ceecile – Priscilla Clara

If you can describe yourself in a fantasy way, what will you draw to define who you are??? ^^

A princess of course! Haha, one who loves to runaway from the palace and walks in the crowd. One who is well-known amongst her people and is loved :P. And of course one who is hopelessly romantic and enjoys the palace ball like shopping :) who waits patiently for her prince charming to come.


Honestly dear, I wanted to keep this picture a secret. Other than the fireflies this is my other favorite. Just look at how romantic and whimsical the colors are. Not to mention how hard it was to imagine how is actually a dancing position is. Haha… So this can be counted as an answer to Nikolett’s question as well.

I hope you all enjoy this post :)


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