Little Tiara

Another village, another story I hope

Posted in moments in life by littletiara on January 11, 2010


Now, here comes a not so good news from me, after several posts of happiness, guess we need to balance life?

So I have this project coming, a cultural research I call it. Me and my friends will be doing a research for a month about culture in a chosen place, the problem is, the place is kind of… far from technology (and that was one reason why this place was chosen – for its original culture).

In other words, I’ll spend a month there, and I’m not sure if in the coverage network area, I pray for cell phone signal but it doesn’t seem really possible, let alone internet connection.

But maybe I’ll be lucky enough and find that there’s actually a network coverage so I can at least update my blog through my phone. We’ll see.

Honestly, I’m not in my best mood tonight, knowing myself who is a total positive thinker, only one reason can explain it all, right, I blame it on my menstrual cycle.

And I’m being kind of traumatic as to spend times in a village, the last time didn’t end so well, but I hope this one will be different and successful.We’re gonna do this research with some new friends from Norway, and that sounds kind of good to me, yay for new friends! Haha. –well, who knows there’ll be some hot eye candy amongst them, who knows? :d

That said it, so if I disappear for a month, starting January 14th, you know where I am and you don’t need to worry, you’re allowed to miss me, though. :P


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