Little Tiara

I found eyecandies already!

Posted in Uncategorized by littletiara on January 16, 2010

So it’s only been three days i’m here, but guess what? I’ve found eyecandies already! Not only one, but two!

Yes, I’m THAT good on finding eyecandies.

Do not congratulate me yet, because well they are kind of out of reach.

Eyecandy #1 is too old for me. I don’t really know how old, but he is the uncle of the owner of my guest house, and the owner has two sons already, imagine his uncle? I bet he has at least six grandchildren, or more.

But he is really goodlooking, and a real hardworker too.. Ah, crushie..

Eyecandy #2 is the son of my guest house owner, so we practically living under same roof, hehe.. Sounds good?

But he is four years younger than me, a handsome highschool guy, haha.. Bet he has the cheerleaders swooning over him. A tall, goodlooking rich kind guy, ta-da!

It’s a good thing he’s way younger than me, or else those cheerleaders have to do some fierce catfights with me.


Laugh all you want, at least I have some refreshing stuffs to look at here :P

Oh, and everything is going really well here, my team mates are cooperative and we have some fun programs I’m looking forward to do! Yay!


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